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  1. retoxtony

    Factory Yamaha Heads- what are they?

    So I got my my set of Yamaha Live Oaks yesterday and they came with heads marked Yamaha BE Batter as the batter heads and the reso heads are marked as Yamaha Batter ( no BE batter on these ones). They are all marked as made by Remo. The bass drum batter head is also marked as a Yamaha Batter...
  2. retoxtony

    16" bass drum - what heads to use?

    So i wanted a little kick for a jungle kit so i made a small bass drum out of a 16" foor tom i had kicking around. Its a 16" Pearl Masters maple that sounded great as a floor tom but i'm not digging the sound as a bass drum. It also feels really weird and bouncy against the bass drum beater...
  3. retoxtony

    Floor tom to bass drum conversions

    Anyone use one of the bass drum conversion kits to turn a floor tom into a small bass drum? And how well did it work? I've been kickin around the idea of making a small jungle kit and it just so happens i have a 16" Pearl Masters floor tom sitting here that i got for very cheap on Ebay. I know...
  4. retoxtony

    Rogers Dyna-sonic Reissue

    Has anyone seen one of these in person or played one yet? I keep seeing them pop up on Reverb and a few online music stores, but i'm yet to see them in person. Price tag is a little on the steep side, but still tempting as i've always wanted a wood Dyna and the original wood ones are way out of...
  5. retoxtony

    C&C Gladstones--Anyone played them?

    I'm considering a new set some time in the next few months and i've become interested in a set from C&C. From what i've read the Gladstones are supposed to be their "modern" sounding drums. Considering i've never played a set of C&C drums, or even seen a set in a music store anywhere i've been...
  6. retoxtony

    Ipad/tablet mount--What are you using?

    So my band is starting to use the Bandhelper app for our set lists and lyrics. I've been trying to figure out the best place to mount my ipad so its easily visible and easily in reach. I was thinking either mount it off my high hat stand or on the bass drum hoop right in front of me. Any...
  7. retoxtony

    Pearl Roadshow vs other small kits (for a kid to learn on)

    Looking for some advice or your thoughts. I'm trying to get my kid a small set to learn on and i'm having a bit of trouble deciding which route to go. So far the best deal on a new "real" drumset i can find is a Pearl Roadshow in a jazz setup. 18" BD, 10,14 toms and comes with a hardware pack...
  8. retoxtony

    Anyone playing an Inde snare?

    I've had the itch to pick up another snare as a Bday gift to myself and I was considering a Inde. I don't currently have any wood snares in a 6.5x14 and the Inde one looks like it might be a decent buy especially considering the price. So does anyone have any first hand experience with them...
  9. retoxtony

    Going rate for bar gigs?

    Just wondering what the going rate is for a full band to play a bar? I got into a pretty heated discussion earlier today with our singer about going rates for a bar. We were asked to play in our local bar in a few weeks and they asked what we would like to charge. I've never played a bar gig...
  10. retoxtony

    Question about Giant Beats

    Ive been kicking around the idea of picking up some Giant Beats, specifically the 24 inch ride and maybe a 20" as well. I've been watching some online ads (eBay, reverb, etc) and I keep coming across ads that call some of them Multi Cymbals. So my question is, is there any difference between a...
  11. retoxtony

    Mapex Mars hardware?

    Anyone out here have any experience with the Mapex Mars hardware, specifically the boom stands? I had found a pretty great deal on Amazon for some of the Armory stands so I ordered two of them. Got a message from the seller today that they are actually Mars stands and they would like to know...
  12. retoxtony

    Good quality single pedal on a budget

    I'm looking for a decent quality single pedal that's not going to break the bank. I was wondering specifically about the lower end Iron Cobras, the Ludwig Atlas standard pedal, and maybe the Mapex armoury pedal. I was also looking at a DW5000, but it's definitely more than I was planning on...
  13. retoxtony

    Old pearl export snare?

    I ended up with this snare drum when i bought a old set of Pearl BLXs a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it an old Export snare from the 80s but i just wanted to make sure. It has 8 lugs and appears to be a steel shell. Any help would be great. "][/URL]
  14. retoxtony

    Wrapping a set of Saturns?

    I'm wondering if anyone here has wrapped a set of Mapex Saturns. I'd like to change up the appearance of mine, but i've never done a wrap on a kit before and i have no idea if its worth it, or if there's anything in particular on a Saturn kit i need to know before doing it? Any help would be...
  15. retoxtony

    Help dating a older Zildjian ride

    I picked up this older Zildjian yesterday at a local music shop. It was on consignment and they didnt seem to know much about it. From the stamp it appears to be from the 60s, if i'm getting it right. Is there any way to narrow it down more than that? Its a 22" ride in really nice shape...