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  1. V-Four

    Band won’t do “full” gigs

    The whole thing sounds really odd to me. Did the recording come out good? (did you play on it?-serious question.) Are they playin these "open Mics" to try to find another drummer? You say "they've played open mics". (did you know they were playing, and just weren't invited?.. or were thet "no...
  2. V-Four

    Ordered a used snare from Guitar Center.

    +1 And I'm near Manchester CT location..(although it seems there's NEVER anything in this store that I'm looking for). :/ T.
  3. V-Four

    Worst sounding drum track you have ever heard?

    Yea, I think in this day in age, It IS a lil too obvious. Who else thought this before even clicking the link? These threads should start by saying: "Besides the obvious Metallica Drum sounds, what is the worst.." etc.. ;) Now I gotta go re-listen to "No Bone movies", as we used to play that...
  4. V-Four

    Bass Drum Tone/Tuning Question

    +1 The bass player site I used to frequent had this discussion all the time. Lots of people had lots of "theories" about it, but the fact remains, when you take the bass cab off the floor, the low end changed- a lot. T.
  5. V-Four

    SOUND GUY small venue

    This is why back when I was in a "relatively" popular coverband (5pc band taking in $800-1000 a night to split) the booking agent got 10% off the top, then the sound guy got his $300-350, then we split the rest 5 ways. Now, this was a great sound guy with a LOT of pro gear that we always used. 1...
  6. V-Four

    what kind of tom heads should I use?

    Evans G2 (coated). I know several folks like the clear.. but gosh darn it, I like the coated. Now, when I was a teenager (in the 80s), the only answer was Pinstripes. Coated heads were for uncool "old people" with their Jazz and whatnot ;). The black dots looked too 1970's, almost as uncool as...
  7. V-Four

    Swap Premier Artist Maple for Crush Sublime E3 Maple?????? Thoughts

    Probably agree with this. ^^ But, I also wanted a Crush set for quite a while. .. I still find myself oogling over them now n again.. but Ive never really longed for a Premier either.. so who the heck am I to give an opinion? ;) T.
  8. V-Four

    Yamaha power v help

    Sorry to hear bout your Dads passing. In order to get proper help (and you will), you will need to upload the photos. Do a google (or some other) search on how to resize the pictures. Then I assure you , the good folks here will answer all your questions (and more) ;) . There's really no way...
  9. V-Four

    Everything Hi Hats

    Not much productive to add ...except the obvious picture worth 1000 words.. 14" New Beats.. I imagine that even if I get the itch to try other flavors, these will always be "home". T.
  10. V-Four

    What are my options for what I want to do?

    I don't think there is any "EASY" way to go back and fourth between acoustic and "quiet/electronic". It can be done, Ive never seen it "easy" tho. I think Jose has the best solution to just get electronic kit. They don't feel really the same as an A kit, but it is much better than nothing...
  11. V-Four


    I could be wrong, but I think it's more about going through the motions, and learning how to "do the steps" than an actual "redesign" of a drum set (or anything for that matter). But I'm also suspect of someones 1st post including a link to any survey.. so theres that. I'd be curious to see how...
  12. V-Four

    Good video showing how Zigaboo plays "Cissy Strut"

    Interesting that his cymbals seem so tight on the stands (especially in the 1st video). Speakin of the 1st video (which I never watched until now) it was hilarious to see the guitar guy and bass guy "bouncing/bobbing/grooving".. exactly opposite each other. Well, hilarious to me anyway. I did...
  13. V-Four

    My Debut Album! Numb

    Pretty cool stuff. T.
  14. V-Four

    Mapex armory? Or... what else?

    Yea, Yamaha been around for a while and have the reputation (for good reason). I own (and love) the Yamaha stg custom- (in natural finish), But, I do love the look of that Mapex, and would probably be just as happy with IT. T.
  15. V-Four

    Made a song..

    Cool. I stayed and watched the whole thing..which I usually don' theres that. T.
  16. V-Four

    Accidentally sprinkled wd40 on one of my drum heads.

    Was it coated heads? If it didn't wipe anything away immediately, its probably gonna be fine. If uncoated head, should be just fine. Personally, I would make sure its all of, by gently wiping with damp cloth. (dampened with water ;) and a lil soap, then wipe again w just water n cloth, then dry...
  17. V-Four

    My First Band has ended. Kind of. Need advice..

    Wow. That sucks. So, instead of being honest and "letting you go", they all quit.. then got back together...without you. Like... Liberty Devitto said.. you just weren't asked to do the next thing (well, technically, asked to not do the current thing I suppose). Either way, don't let it get to...
  18. V-Four

    Any thoughts about the new PDP Kit? (Sporting the newer PDP Logo)

    OMG. That is hilarious. I KNEW I recognized the font from somewhere. so I looked up playmobile ..BAM!! Awesome! Well, except now DW AND PDP drums are ruined for me. T.
  19. V-Four

    Head Change

    The Moon gels match though.. ;) Lookin good. T.
  20. V-Four

    Double kick pedal vs single for home studio

    Good point. sounds like a win/win sitch In my book. T.