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  1. SomeBadDrummer

    BEST Drum track you’ve ever heard

    Got the idea from another thread about worst drum tracks and wanted to flip it. What are the “best” drum tracks? I’m thinking about those which fit perfectly with the other band members/music, are not over-engineered, and essentially have no room for improvement. Obviously different musical...
  2. SomeBadDrummer

    Big Band Music

    Idea from another thread... Nothing against the original who was fabulous in his own right, this is a great cover with some excellent vocals. Love the groove. A couple more What are your favorite big band tunes?
  3. SomeBadDrummer

    Bass pedal 'toe stop'

    I've been using a Tama Iron Cobra 200 since getting back into drums last year after a long hiatus. I play either in socks or very thin soled shoes, sometimes barefoot. My only issue is that my foot tends to creep towards the chain and eventually ends up against it. I have tried putting a bolt...
  4. SomeBadDrummer

    What’s the best electronic drum kit under $800?

    Been testing out some e drum kits at some of the local shops such as GC and want to get some input on which ones I should consider for practice and demo sessions. Who has experience with such and can offer advice? Looking at $500-800 for a supplemental kit for practice. But definitely want kick...
  5. SomeBadDrummer

    Name That Price- Pearl vintage snare and accessories

    One cold day some bad drummer walks into this music store. It has a drum section and in among other vintage and used snares is a vintage Pearl maple 13” x 3” piccolo snare in very good condition. Needing a good cleaning and new batter head, looking like a great project for the right price...
  6. SomeBadDrummer

    Best movie soundtrack

    Here are a few of mine with various artists culled for the movie, not musical movies based on an album. I like Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore and John Williams but I’m thinking about radio tunes not written for the movie chosen to set the backdrop for the scenes. Apocalypse Now Forest Gump Fast...
  7. SomeBadDrummer

    Zildjian- vintage vs newer

    Been playing since I was a toddler banging on pots and pans like a bunch of people on DW...but seriously since about 1980. I’ve used Zildjian exclusively except for some UFIP hats back in the 80’s (which were great!) Today my cymbals are allZildjian, ranging from 70’s through current. My...
  8. SomeBadDrummer

    The Beatles

    How rarely four individuals connect to form a band with such group and individual talent. I have often wondered about the Heirarchy within this group. At the center Paul the eager winsome leader and John the dark omniscient wizard guru, Ringo the confidently proficient yet aloof on skins and...
  9. SomeBadDrummer

    What are you doing right now?

    I’m darning some favorite wool socks I simply can’t bring myself to toss into the dust bin ?haha, and listening to some classic rock. Animals, The Youngbloods, Yardbirds, Cream, Hendrix, Moody Blues, Beatles Probably switch out a snare batter head in a few...while I listen to some Hendrix...
  10. SomeBadDrummer

    What's your favorite "Blues" song?

    Countless songs with 'Blues' in the title, many have been covered numerous times by different artists. Here are some of my favourites in no particular order: Deacon Blues - Steely Dan Travelling Riverside Blues - Zeppelin Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran Bell Bottom Blues - Derek & the...
  11. SomeBadDrummer

    What is your favorite song from this very limited 1985 list?

    There were thousands of songs released in 1985, out of all of them here is a very small sampling of several genres. If you can choose a few without disparaging the choices then great/ please vote! If you don’t see anything you like, then just move along to the next post and thank @Al Strange for...
  12. SomeBadDrummer

    What’s the best song of 1985?

    Perhaps this one:
  13. SomeBadDrummer

    14” floor tom on snare stand

    Someone on here I think @CommanderRoss recently posted a shot with a marching snare drum mounted on a traditional kit snare stand. Which led me to locate a matching TAMA stand, allowing me to raise up my 14” floor tom to the perfect height and angle for my kit. Now upon receipt of the 16” floor...
  14. SomeBadDrummer

    Thank You Drummer World!

    It's interesting to see the dynamic ebbs and flows within the discussion forums. Some threads have been well over a decade old, the OP perhaps no longer participating on DW, but revived by other members picking up the torch and running with it. It's awesome to see that the staying power of...
  15. SomeBadDrummer

    I HATE Politics

    Ready for all this nonsense to end. Doesn’t matter which ‘side’ you’re on, nothing ever gets better for the guys or gals in the trenches. By that I mean anyone who isn’t an oligarch or minion of such. Please wake me when it’s over or shoot me. This is not the country I was born in. When did...
  16. SomeBadDrummer

    My sloppy playing

    My sloppy practice session after chopping wood and having a dew
  17. SomeBadDrummer

    My dad’s 64 Slingerland kit

    This is a fabulous 1964 Slingerland kit that belongs to my stepdad (who is actually a great person my ‘other’ dad and taught me how to play) who’s used this kit for over 50 years of gigging with various bands (But now retired) Including my mom as lead singer. She had the red satin flame finish...
  18. SomeBadDrummer

    Drum shop

    I’m seriously thinking about opening a drum store in Atlanta. If anyone wants to invest or participate let me know. The empire city of the south is in dire need of a real drum shop and there’s literally zero competition of options for professional drummers with a huge amount of serious...
  19. SomeBadDrummer

    Show off your Junk (or current setup)

    Here’s mine, cheap and cheesy as it is I love it. Don’t look at Mona. What are you playing with?
  20. SomeBadDrummer

    Superstarman is now SomeBadDrummer

    I’ve had an identity crisis and changed my username, no hating on me or anything else just get over it and move on. Not that anyone cares Haha