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  1. gish

    Round Cam Pedals

    So, after a few decades of playing only eccentric cam pedals, I’ve figured out that i actually prefer round cam pedals. My oldest son has borrowed my IC Powerglide, so I’ve been alternating between 2 older, basic wire frame round cam pedals for the past month and a half (Yamaha and Mapex) that I...
  2. gish

    Tuning Issue-Solved

    Thought I would pass along a tuning issue I was having with one of my drums. A while back I reheaded my Starclassic B/B toms (12” and 16”). While I had them apart I wiped the down, and also checked the screws that fasten the lugs to the shells. I found a few on the 12” that felt loose, so I...
  3. gish

    Yamaha 7000

    Confession time- I’m always on the lookout for a nice Yamaha 8000 kit. I just love those drums, and will have one someday. Anyway, I spotted this ad on Craigslist recently. After doing some research I believe these are Yamaha 7000 drums (which until now I never knew existed). Can anyone confirm...
  4. gish

    GMS Special Edition

    Wonder what this kit looked like before the “special edition” finish was applied.
  5. gish

    Pearl BLX

    I have an opportunity to score an 80s Sequoia Red BLX 12-16-22 for under $200. Looks like a steal to me; kick drum hoop rash and a few missing screws/bolts. Seems like a can’t miss; anyone have any experience with these drums?
  6. gish

    Gretsch Renown

    I have an opportunity to pick up what appears to be a very nice used 13-16-24 Renown kit for a great price. I’ve read just about all of the posts and threads on the Renowns; I’ve yet to see negative feedback on these drums. So, if some of you could weigh in for me; any negatives with these...
  7. gish

    Evans Making Face Masks

  8. gish

    Join A Sub Par Band Just To Get Back Out There?

    I could use a bit of advice here. I’ll have been out of the live playing scene for a little over a year now. I’ve been looking to get back in a gigging band for several months now, but there has been literally nothing happening around here. So, I hear of a band looking for a drummer; I like...
  9. gish

    Playing To A Click Live

    I’m looking to begin using a click on live gigs; possibly to use just for the beginnings of songs, or even for the entire tune. I’ve played with backing tracks in previous bands so I’m comfortable with the click. To my fellow working drummers who use a click live (hopefully we have a few of...
  10. gish

    Vintage Tama Superstar

    Hey all, looking to possibly make a move on this kit. To anyone with vintage Tama knowledge, any thoughts on asking price vs. condition? Might be making an offer today but doesn’t hurt to solicit some opinions...
  11. gish

    24” bass drum versatility?

    Hey all, I have an eye on a good deal for a 13-16-24 kit. 30 years on the instrument, but have only owned 22” and 20” bass drums. I primarily play classic rock/pop/country cover stuff. For those that own or have owned 24” bass drums, do you find them to be versatile? Or do you find yourself...
  12. gish

    Suggest Some Cymbals

    About me- I’m a weekend gigging drummer playing classic rock/pop stuff. My current cymbal set is fine; 15” new beats, 18” medium thin crash, 21” sweet ride. My cymbals are on the bright side of the spectrum. I find myself wanting a darker, more “mature” sound so to speak. Nothing too crazy...
  13. gish

    Flat Base Hardware Opinions

    I’m looking to pick up a pack of flat base hardware to lighten my load for gigging and rehearsals. Some initial observations- Tama- love their gear, but looks like they don’t yet have a flat base boom stand. I’d like a boom for ride cymbal placement. Also, looks like in order to pack the...
  14. gish

    How much should I cut off?

    So, I was THIS close a year and a half ago to having my 18x22 Saturn bass drum cut down to 14x22. However I wound up selling that kit. I now have a Tama Starclassic B/B with an 18x22 virgin bass drum. I really like this kit, and love the way the kick drum sounds as is. Looking for some...
  15. gish

    Opinions on Pearl Decade Maple 13-16-24

    I’m looking at a great deal on a used Pearl Decade Maple kit in the sizes listed above. I’m intrigued at the thought of adding this kit to complement my 12-14-20 kit for certain situations (plus my wife says I look a little silly playing the smaller drums lol). REALLY intrigued at...
  16. gish

    Calling All Rogers Experts

    Please take a look at this link; any info on what series these are would be appreciated. Waiting to hear back from the seller.
  17. gish

    Interesting Craigslist Ad

    Here's something you don't see everyday. What do you guys think of the asking price?
  18. gish

    Cuttting Down a Bass Drum

    I've decided to have my 18x22 Saturn bass drum cut down. I was looking for some feedback from those who have had this done, and maybe helping me decide what depth to go with (leaning towards 14", but 16" is still in play). I'm in eastern PA, if anyone has any suggestions on who to contact to...
  19. gish

    Incredibly Overly Muffled Drums

    My band has opened up for 2 different touring cover bands at a large local club in the past few months. Each time I had to use the other drummers kit to minimize changeover time, which is fine. Both drummers were talented players, with 1 thing in common. Both drummers muffled their drums to...
  20. gish

    Switching to 1 ply

    So, I've been playing 2 ply heads on my toms for... well, pretty much forever. However, it seems that my ear is changing, and I'm now finding 2 ply heads to be pretty dull on my toms. I played a gig last week where I was completely uninspired by the sound of my Saturn kit. So, I'm looking to...