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    New Video Lessons & University of Chicago

    New things are happening at The new series focuses on all meters in duple and triple feel. As we are all familiar with 4/4 and cut time, we zero in on approaching mostly odd meter. It's one thing to count however, that limits your understanding. Once you lose count you are...
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    The main reason I started my website is to bring my taste of concepts to the drumming table and open the passion for music. In a drum world where sportsmanship is a bit more overrated than musicianship, I felt the need for my inclusion via This allows me to inspire a view of...
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    Bio &

    Hello Everyone! I launched my drum lessons website December 1st 2013. It's full of vital information not available anywhere else. My career as a drummer began in 1992 when I began working with the reggae band Blacksheep out of the DC area. From there I traveled to Memphis to...
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    Sean Rickman - Updates 2014

    Hello Drummerworld! I am finally on the forum and I am very excited for what's new in 2014. Let me begin by saying a big THANK YOU to Bernhard Castiglioni for creating this website and discussion forum. This makes many things possible in the music community. I kicked of the New Year by...