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    30” subwoofers

    Watch out for the "brown note."
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    Drumming Rudiments Technique Help?

    Tommy Igoe's "Great Hands for a Lifetime"
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    Removing Cymbal coating, what results?

    also wear a chemical respirator and goggles.
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    Anyone use 2bs or other big sticks for jazz or otherwise quiet music?

    The Hardimon Hammers are "chop builders>"
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    Very good drummer Emmanuelle Caplette

    she was in a drum corps for many years.
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    Feeling exhausted when drumming..

    Consult a medical doctor.
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    One song you've played more than any other.

    Miles Davis' "So What"
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    Who’s Old?

    HBD Johnny! May the quality of your rebound increase with age. ?
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    How's everyone holding up?

    I am "shack-happy." Practice sessions help keep me sane.
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    Any gigs cancelled due to the virus?

    all cancelled.
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    Looking for a Pingy Ride

    Sabian Hh mega bell 22in heavy is very pingy
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    What is your workhorse snare from your collection?

    Divided between Tama ImperialStar KingBeat (metal shell) and Tama FibreStar Kingbeat (fibreglass shell)
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    What's the most difficult instrument you've ever tried to learn or play?

    vibraphone. i am no gary burton .....
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    Show us that one cymbal you just couldn’t live without

    I love my Sabian HH Megabell ride. Super ping!
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    Hihat foot technique

    The rocker motion helps timekeeping accuracy. Heel down for 1 & 3; toe down for 2 & 4. Practice this for an hour per day until it becomes "automatic." Then you can liberate the left hand from the left foot.
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    Hihat foot technique

    Heel down. I use a rocker motion on the hi-hit.