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  1. Frosticles

    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    Do it, If you have the money, it's an itch you need to scratch :)
  2. Frosticles

    How do you tune your bass drum reso head?

    Have started to tune my resonant higher now. Makes a huge difference & actually lowers the tone of the BD :)
  3. Frosticles

    Black Beauty Questions and Input Needed!

    I have a hammered 6.5 & absolutely love it. Use a Remo Coated Ambassador 'wide open' with Canopus vintage wires. Ludwig 14x6.5 Hammered Black Beauty by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  4. Frosticles

    Snaredrum dilemma!

    Had a Black Magic recently. A superb snare & it certainly wouldn't disappoint you. I also have a Supraphonic & that would be my suggestion for you to buy. Haven't heard the Pearl but, they always make fantastic snares & I am quite fond of a steel snare in my Premier 1036 :)
  5. Frosticles

    Immigrant Song

    Enjoyed that :cool:
  6. Frosticles

    21" or 23" A. Zildjian Sweet Ride?

    Have the 21. Kind of sidelined at the mo due to a 2002 Heavy Ride being my favourite currently. I won't part with the 21 as it is such a great cymbal :)
  7. Frosticles

    I know why I’m in bands

    Wearing in-ears has been the best decision I have made musically in 40 years.
  8. Frosticles

    Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

    I keep faaaaaaaar too many things I don't really need or never used. I kind of justify it with thinking I 'may' use it in the future. :rolleyes:
  9. Frosticles

    Let's see your kits with side snares

    Ace, isn't it :)
  10. Frosticles

    Recommendations for (non-BD) tom mounts?

    As others have said, If the kit is going to be permanently in situ then a rack is perfect. Pearl, Gibraltar etc will do fine :)
  11. Frosticles

    Drum Stools

    Look for a second hand Ahead Spinal G. You can thank me later ;)
  12. Frosticles

    My new Yamaha kit

    What a beauty :love: Just can't go wrong with anything from Yamaha. I need to play mine more :)
  13. Frosticles

    Premier drum restoration…

    Signia's are beautiful drums. I hanker after the anniversary :love:
  14. Frosticles

    Let's see your kits with side snares

    9Y0A7805 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
  15. Frosticles

    The most difficult musical challenge I've ever had was last night!

    Done a few of these over the years. Seat of your pants stuff. Job well done mate :)
  16. Frosticles

    Brits, Beer and Football

    Me neither. Scumbags, the lot of them.
  17. Frosticles

    Premier drum restoration…

    10 lug 14x6.5 Steel :)
  18. Frosticles

    Are you using a backrest?

    I use a backrest on my Ahead Spinal G. Only use it for practice at home though as it makes it awkward to transport. Does the job well though :)
  19. Frosticles

    Premier drum restoration…

    I still have a huge soft spot for anything Premier & still own & tour a MK2 Projector with a fantastic 1036 Snare. 492C8196-B640-4741-9926-43743B155D28 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr