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  1. Stroman

    New 20" Wuhan!

    I really like those Wuhan Chinas! What great staccato, trashy sound. Enjoy!
  2. Stroman

    My Music City Custom Snare Verdict

    As usual, you have stated more eloquently and completely than I was able, the exact point I was trying to make. 😁 Carry on, and drum away! Can't wait for the review.
  3. Stroman

    My Music City Custom Snare Verdict

    I'm not certain that statement is true. The snare obviously meets C.M.'s expectations. It's his money. What gives anyone else the right to be critical? I don't understand that thinking, I guess. I also don't really understand the extreme brand loyalty either, but that's not my decision to make...
  4. Stroman

    My Music City Custom Snare Verdict

    Looks beautiful!! Can't wait to hear how it sounds. 😊
  5. Stroman

    My (new) 1970's Slingerland

    That looks gorgeous! I love that era Slingerland. The sound of my youth! Well, teens anyway...
  6. Stroman

    Rack experts

    Ooooohhhhhhhh, you mean drum racks... Sorry, wrong thread. I know nothing about drum racks. ;)
  7. Stroman

    Are there young musicians where you live?

    I haven't been out much since COVID, but what I have seen here in the inland northwest is the growth of the singer-songwriter scene. There are tons of quiet gigs for one person and a guitar, and there are quite a few young people doing that circuit. Not so much for larger/louder bands of any...
  8. Stroman

    What is your “old relable” snare drum ?

    I'd say it's my Pearl Aluminum Sensitone 14X5. It replaced the Acrolite in my collection. It's not fancy or special in any way, but it works.
  9. Stroman

    Selecting My Pearl Music City Custom Snare Drum: Resolved

    Okay, here are my two cents - probably worth about a ha'penny, lol. In the recordings, which drum I liked depended on the tuning. For example, at the very low tuning I found the overtones of the maple gave a rounder sound that I found more pleasing and full-sounding to my ear. I really didn't...
  10. Stroman

    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Oh yeah! I remember him. Just didn't put it all together. Thanks for clarifying.
  11. Stroman

    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Silly question - who is John? Have I missed someone else's departure? Or have I just forgotten. 😳
  12. Stroman

    Got the Shu installed

    No drilling required. The SHU uses the screws for the lugs.
  13. Stroman

    New reso snare head, now super loud

    I've been unable to find out a reliable spec for the thickness of that Ludwig head, but I use them, along with the Remo ambassador (usually collarless) snare side head. My impression is they are the same or similar thickness, and I haven't noticed a difference in volume. The clear film of the...
  14. Stroman

    New reso snare head, now super loud

    I'd say it's more a factor of new vs old, and especially tuning, rather than head type. Those two heads are similar enough that they would sound more alike than different, if they were both new.
  15. Stroman

    Resurrecting YAMAHA Recording Custom 14x10

    Looks killer to me!!
  16. Stroman

    New thread questions

    I like your idea of starting this type of thread within the Your Playing section. Try it, and see if it takes off!
  17. Stroman

    I'm the Gretsch Artist of the Month!

    Congratulations! Well done!!!
  18. Stroman

    Kick drum mics

    The D6 works well for me, and is easy to position with the Kelly SHU. I think you'll be happy with your choice, if you like the D6 scooped sound.
  19. Stroman

    Kelly Shu

    Thank you! It's worked well for me. I understand many folks wouldn't want to drill the shell, but I plan to keep these drums til I die, and I don't mind them bearing my handiwork when they move on to the next owner. 😉
  20. Stroman

    Kelly Shu

    You might be fine. Lots of variables at play, the most likely being the material the grommet is made of. I don't know how much they might vary in durability. I'd imagine head tension and muffling might affect things, too. It is worth watching, though. The edge of the head will damage the cable...