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  1. CommanderRoss

    Advice on Learning 7 Hours of Music

    This. Do basic charts of each song & have it at the ready. If I've learned anything being a hired gun, its charting & playing through the setlist ad nausium. Then come gig night, you'll not only have the songs in your head to add to the fun factor, but you'll have your notes to help out if you...
  2. CommanderRoss

    She's Back!!!

    She's definitely in a whole other league. Proof that with the right attitude and patience, YouTube success can pay off.
  3. CommanderRoss

    Do You Hold On To Stuff You're Not Using?

    I did for a while. Then one day I had an epiphany looking at my studio that I REALLY needed to clean house. 90% of my extra drums, hardware & specific accessories went to those in much more need than I. Now I have only what I play & use to fix other drums. Everything else is gone & I couldn't...
  4. CommanderRoss

    In Case you haven't Seen This.....Bermuda

    Outstanding! You would be a blessing to know in private life. (y) Thanks Grunt for posting this!
  5. CommanderRoss

    Greyson Nekrutman & Nick D’Virgilio Talk Big Band Drums

    He's a prime example of how studying another style gives you a style all your own. GN loved Rich, Krupa & Bellson and it shows in how he plays. He's really keeping the old school alive.
  6. CommanderRoss

    Do most drummers hate metal ? as much as normal popheads? ( extreme metal)

    I've been a Metalhead since 1980 and I can tell you that among us there are genres of metal that wear thin pretty fast. I can only take blast beats for so long before I can't stand it anymore. That being said, I'm always amazed and impressed that a drummer can do that so fast for so long...
  7. CommanderRoss

    I Am Leaving This Forum

    Agreed. I understand the need to leave, but to do so in such an abrupt way is puzzling. I hope he's well and returns one day.
  8. CommanderRoss

    Exclusive Guitar Center Drums

    "Scam Ash"...never heard that before. 😄 I love it when they send over some bozo from another section with no clue what's in the drum room. "Are you sure this Ludwig Black Beauty is only $105?" "Yes...yes I am". 😄
  9. CommanderRoss

    Pets and drums

    The thread about drumming & dogs got me thinking: Anyone have pets that hinder your practice? Here's a pic of my late basset hound laying across my pedals. At the time, I had all quiet gear on my kit & he wasn't bothered by it. Then after a time, he started doing this. No real issue as I'd...
  10. CommanderRoss

    The Therapeutic Value Of Drumming

    I beat my kit like it owes me money. The simple act of (controlled) hitting of something when stressed is relief beyond belief. I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
  11. CommanderRoss

    Drumming is for the dogs!

    Could be!
  12. CommanderRoss

    Drumming is for the dogs!

    And here I thought you meant this: My basset didn’t like me to practice (even though I had all quiet gear on my kit) and would lay across my pedals. 😂
  13. CommanderRoss

    Unused Drums: What Happens?

    Here in AZ, the dry heat is an issue for wood if you leave them in a garage. Mainly because the first half of the summer you have 110 degrees all day, then the second half, when monsoons hit, you have 90 degrees, but 80% humidity. Stored drums hate this & I've had a couple cheap drums just not...
  14. CommanderRoss

    Sound Guy Trouble

    Wow. I've heard of being irresponsible but that's off the charts! Probably some youngster who could care less about that job and says, "there will always be another". Then when there isn't because of his lack of work ethic, he'll quickly blame someone else and be a "victim". No wonder I...
  15. CommanderRoss

    Possibly an obvious question about tension rods.

    The Tuner Fish work great & I will add that tuning up before a show is a ritual that just feels right. Drums get out of tune for a variety of reasons and to ensure you have the right sound for the gig is essential. You probably don't want a poppy snare at a jazz gig or a thuddy one at a hard...
  16. CommanderRoss

    Peavy radial pro 1000

    Yeah..sort of a Two-Face from Batman deal here.
  17. CommanderRoss

    Forced hiatus legacy.

    I chalk it up to age in my gigging life. After 45 or so, I started to forget the little things. I'd miss a crucial stop in a song or forget how a song started altogether. Literally a blank mind as if I'd never heard the song at all. And these are songs I played more times than years I've been...
  18. CommanderRoss

    Corporate gigs vs the bar scene

    In the rockabilly scene, our music draws very specific types of crowds. So most nights we can keep them there for the whole time. it's been said, the drunk patrons, "musicians" who want to come up on stage and play your instrument because "they used to be in a hot band back in the...
  19. CommanderRoss

    Best Evans heads for LM400?

    Ebony coated hydraulic batter and a Remo Black Suede snare side. Sound as dark as the darkest beer known to man...
  20. CommanderRoss

    Soft Wood Drum Project

    I had a Sound Percussion snare that fit this definition. It was certainly soft and would dent pretty easily with just my fingernail. Like you, I went to work on it just to see what I could do. The wood had a really nice grain to it, so after peeling the nasty wrap, I coated it with teak oil...