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    Single ply snares

    I was on ebay looking at the platinum series snares. They have a few solid maple snares and maple plies. The only draw back is that the solids has wraps and I wish they were lacquered. However, they do have the ply versions in lacquer. A few questions... What should I expect to hear...
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    Sonor Acrylic Bass Drum Head Advice

    My boss has a 16x22 Sonor Acrylic Bass Drum and wants me to buy new heads for it and make it sound "awesome" Right now im thinking PS3 clear/PS3 ebony or Coated Ambassador/smooth white ambassador.
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    P3 coated batter, ambassador clear reso LOVE IT

    We'll after using a SK2 and emad, the P3 coated is the bomb on my 16x20 ludwig birch kick. I also switched out my evan EQ3 reso for a plain old ambassador clear and put 6 or 7 inch hole in it. My drums are studio drums so I thought it made sense to be able to see whats goin' on inside. So I...
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    14x11 versus 14x12

    Does anyone know the different pitch and tone between a 14x11 and 14x12 tom?
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    Show off your Ludwigs? : )

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    how many kits have you owned?

    What is the number of kits you have owned and what were they? I have had a whopping 1 kit so far. 4pc 67 ludwig. (Link below to that thread) But last week I ordered a custom 3pc Ludwig classic birch. When that kit comes in, ill be up to 2. I'll be giving my other kit to my older brother...