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  1. Stroman

    Video of Zero Gravity Project

    Here is a little snippet from an outdoor gig from about 2005. I mostly published it because @C.M. Jones has mentioned using the coated PS3 head on his snare, and that's what I was using at the time. I think it projects quite well here. I'm also including the studio version on Soundcloud for...
  2. Stroman

    Who played it first?

    I was watching the 'Tube the other night, and wanted to check out some Aynsley Dunbar. One of the Journey songs I watched was 'Wheel in the Sky.' Even though I've heard the song thousands of times, it never really occurred to me how similar this fill is to a much more widely air-drummed fill...
  3. Stroman

    Trying Out Evans Sound Off Heads

    I currently live in an apartment, and practicing at home has been a real challenge. I even have to play judiciously on the practice pad, as regards time, enthusiasm, and duration. I've really missed playing a kit, though, so I bought some Sound Off mesh heads for my Tama bop kit. I think they'll...
  4. Stroman

    One Year Ago Today...

    ... my first musical hero died. RIP Neil Peart.
  5. Stroman

    Merry Christmas

  6. Stroman

    An oldie...

    I don't have the means to record anything new, so I thought I'd share an older video. Hope you enjoy. ?
  7. Stroman

    Vic Firth wear pattern

    Has anyone else experienced this with Vic Firth sticks? I notice that when they wear, they really start to fray at the point where I do rim shots. I've never seen this with the Pro Marks, which is mostly what I've used in the 45 years I've been playing, nor have I seen it in the smattering of...
  8. Stroman

    Disappointing Day

    Well, I was at the kit today practicing, and my 16" Istanbul Agop Traditional Dark crash just suddenly went dead. I took it off the stand and looked it over, and couldn't see anything at first. After some gentle flexing under good light, I finally found what I already knew was there - a crack...
  9. Stroman

    A little hill country blues

    I think one of the reasons I can't get toooo hung up on technique and correctness is because I like stuff like this - I couldn't play that drum part if my life depended on it - I'm too uptight! lol I sure like it, though. Real people making real music.
  10. Stroman

    Neil Peart Tribute - "Time Stand Still"

    I just saw this video from the US Army band and I was blown away. Made me cry all over again. I'm getting to be a mush-ball.
  11. Stroman

    I Followed Bo's Advice...

    ... and took off the reso heads! What's more, I'm diggin' it. I haven't played concert toms for, ohhh, 35 or 40 years. I got a hankering to try them again, so I took the resos off my Classic Maples. They sound really good - I'm loving the punchy bite and the deep tone, and the shorter note is...
  12. Stroman

    New Ludwig Heads - a review

    Recently, on a whim, I put a coated Heavy Ludwig Weathermaster head on my 13" Musashi snare drum. I needed a new head for the drum, and instead of buying one I used one of the heads I took off my Maple Classics when I bought them in 2010. It sounded absolutely splendid! That got me wondering...
  13. Stroman

    Trying out some second line styles

    Here are a couple of quick phone vids of me trying out second line styles. One has a syncopated bass drum, and the other has a simple 4 on the floor bass drum. They are mercifully short. :) I'm pretty new to this style, and I've been making a lot of changes to the way I play, due to some...
  14. Stroman

    2112 in a country song??!!

    One night our band ended a set with this particular song, and this guy caught me as soon as I came off the stage. He said, "Dude!! That last song had a drum part from 2112 in it!!" At first I thought he was just another drunk bar patron, then I gave it a moment's thought. Sure enough, he was...
  15. Stroman

    Cool Instrumental

    This is a piece that I was working on, long-distance, with a guitarist. He sent me a file, I recorded a drum part and sent it back. I really like the piece. Unfortunately, he embedded the drum machine in the master track, so there was no way to remove it. When he tried to re-record the piece...
  16. Stroman

    Always a Cowboy - Full Band

    So, that 6/8 tune I posted before - I was poking around on my computer and found a full band recording of it. I think it was a rehearsal. I don't really remember recording it, but here it is, lol. I like this arrangement quite well, but it's a touch faster and I'm not sure I prefer that...
  17. Stroman

    A nice slow 6/8 ballad

    This one is an original by pianist Dennis Washburn. We recorded the keyboard, vocal, and drum part at my house so the rest of the band could learn it.
  18. Stroman

    Something a little rockin'

    An originals band I played with in college. It was originally called Zero Gravity, but the name was changed to Deep Crossing. Enjoy!
  19. Stroman

    I Run to You

    This was a big crossover hit for Lady Antebellum, and I always enjoyed playing the simple but powerful drum part. Great song. Another recording for our band's promo package.
  20. Stroman

    Noodly Hypno-Indian Drummy Stuff

    This bit began life as an experiment with tabla and other Indian sounds on my Roland kit. I recorded a little loop and the decided to play along with it on the acoustic kit. It isn't a fully-developed piece, but I rather like parts of it.