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  1. JustJames

    Uptown Prog

    This is just brilliant... (Contains some salty language.)
  2. JustJames

    The Sound Of Drums

    Once again, I have learnt that how drums sound in isolation is not how they sound with a band playing. My toms are tuned for max sustain. But this weekend, playing to music ahead of rehearsal with my band, I thought "this is too much", as I listened to my toms ringing out forever. This was...
  3. JustJames

    Ludwig Black Magic - Head and Tuning Recommendations

    I seem to have acquired a Ludwig Black Magic 14 x 6.5 snare drum. It is a rather handsome thing, with die-cast hoop (definitely on the batter side), tube lugs (ten of them) and generally so black light just falls into it. My hope is to get a solid, warm and comforting sound from it, with a low...
  4. JustJames

    Drum Terms That Make No Sense...

    I do not understand what "focused" means. Sure, diecast hoops sound more focused. So triple flange hoops sound...fuzzy? Pretty much any term used to describe the sound of a cymbal. These are dry, but those are smokey, while others are glassy, but with a buttery feel. Over to you, my...
  5. JustJames

    Can A Splash Cymbal Be Made Splashier?

    Recently I acquired, among others, a not-so splashy splash cymbal. Although it is a splash cymbal in name, it is not as splashy as I feel it ought to be. It's a 12" cymbal, and is more of a very small crash cymbal than a true splash cymbal. Would lathing it down to 10" give it more of a...
  6. JustJames

    An Exercise in Cymbal Cleaning

    This is not for the faint hearted. You have been warned. I have a little used secondary set of cymbals. They are Kashian cymbals, which I believe is or was a budget brand owned by UFiP. They are ok but not great and are the darkest coloured cymbals I have ever seen. I decided to clean the...
  7. JustJames

    I am thinking of using one of these:

    I am thinking of using one of these: a way of flying an additional 17" cymbal off a bass drum mounted tom stand/support thingo. Any reason why this might be a bad idea? I want to add a cymbal to a set up without adding an additional cymbal stand, for reasons of floor space economy.
  8. JustJames

    New (Old) Drums Day!

    Following on from this thread, I now have a kit that I am happy to be a bit less protective of than my Mapex Saturns. I'd been hoping to find a small(ish) kit, but when a PDP CX (maple) kit came up for a price that I felt was very reasonable I jumped at it. I've had the kit for a week, and had...
  9. JustJames

    Gig(gle) Report - Friday, Feb 22

    On Friday my band played a gig at Kellys, a pub in Newtown, Sydney. We were the second of 2 bands playing that evening. The first band were loud. No, make that LOUD. In the next room of the pub, we could hear the guitarists's amp buzzing between songs. I'd asked the first band if I'd be...
  10. JustJames

    A Lesser Kit For Gigging?

    It's a daft idea, I know. You buy your (current) 'forever' kit, and then plot a beater kit for playing out. How stoopid is that? My kit is a Mapex Saturn, which I like very much indeed. Last night my band played a pub gig, which included the offer of a house kit. The house kit was beaten...
  11. JustJames

    Drums In Ads/Commercials

    Saw this in an ad on (Australian) TV. Clearly nobody in the ad agency or on the set knew an actual drummer.
  12. JustJames

    Songs With Variable Tempo

    The classic rock band that I drum for plays a rocked out version of Abba's SOS. There was a sense that we weren't nailing the feel of the song. So we gave a listen to Abba. There is a huge speeding up for the chorus, followed by a slow down for the next verse. I've always strived to keep my...
  13. JustJames

    Overqualified For The Gig

    This will likely become the next drummer at the wrong gig video...
  14. JustJames

    Grooves in 13

    This is how to make a groove work in 13...
  15. JustJames

    Stage Nerves

    I enjoy getting up on stage, and I get to do so in three slightly different capacities: 1. As a drummer with a classic rock party/covers band 2. As a guitarist with a blues/blues rock band that plays about 70% originals and 30% covers, some of which are slightly obscure 3. As a solo singer (I...
  16. JustJames

    Over Rated Albums?

    What happened? That was an interesting thread...where'd it go?
  17. JustJames

    Audacity for Multi Instrumentalist Recording

    Hello my imaginary friends. I have a project in mind, which involves recording a song where I play 2 guitars, bass and drums, and sing it. It looks like Audacity can do this easily enough, and I think that the process would go something like this... 1. Set up a click track so that I have a...
  18. JustJames

    IEM's - A New Convert Reports

    Some background: My band runs through an ancient Peavey once-powered mixer which I picked up for peanuts. We have three wedge monitors (two powered, and one passive which is run off one of the two powered mixers). For a band that plays out 5-10 times per annum it's adequate. Sound is usually...
  19. JustJames

    Drake Concert...what have I done?

    So, Mini-Me is 14 in Nov, and Drake is going to be in Sydney shortly after Mini-Me's birthday. So, in a fit of paternal generosity, I bought tickets for him and me (because I'm not letting a newly 14 year old boy loose on his own in a concert) to attend a Drake concert. Now I won't claim "I...
  20. JustJames

    Led Zep and A Flat Six

    Led Zep and...the Porsche 911 Because I know there are revheads as well as drumheads here