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  1. Winston_Wolf

    Should I buy this snare I want but don’t need?

    If you actually like any of the snares you currently have it's probably for the best of you don't add a bronze shell snare. Bronze tends to have a tone that makes any of the other shell materials seem a little less awesome in comparison.
  2. Winston_Wolf

    Tunebot Studio

    I have the Tune Bot Studio...I like it a lot and I think it helps getting drums tuned quickly, though I also see where it supplements what my own ears are telling me as opposed to simply believing exactly what it is reading.
  3. Winston_Wolf

    Gretsch WMP with green tint

    I don't know of anyone making greenish-faded WMP wraps, they all seem to go for varying shades of yellow. You could contact someone like Jammin' Sam or Precision Drum Co. with some pics of your drum and see what they recommend.
  4. Winston_Wolf

    Yamaha Stage Custom

    That honey amber finish is really striking. Everything about the Stage Custom looks really classy and understated, and while there are a few details that betray their cost, I think they have it where it counts. Getting a good discount makes a nice kit even better. Congrats!
  5. Winston_Wolf

    Purchase decision. Interested in your perspective.

    I also think you should get the snare now, and get a gigging kit when the gigs are closer to happening. Cheap player's grade kits are always out there, even if the specifics might change.
  6. Winston_Wolf

    Black Beauty Questions and Input Needed!

    I like the look of tube lugs on Ludwig's 5" snares. While the Imperial Lugs are quintessential Ludwig, I think they can also look a little crowded. I've tried die cast hoops on my BB, and I think the sound is a little too closed off for my taste.
  7. Winston_Wolf

    Black Beauty Questions and Input Needed!

    I have a hammered Black Beauty. I like it a lot, and as incrementalg mentioned it does tame a little bit of the brassy tone of a Black Beauty, though I don't find the smooth shelled drums tone to be overbearing because of the black nickel plating.
  8. Winston_Wolf

    Snaredrum dilemma!

    The Black Magic is great. The Supraphonic is also great. I've played a few Pearl Sensitone snares, and they're great too. Really, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.
  9. Winston_Wolf

    Poll: Cymbal Logos

    I fall into pretty much every one of those categories. In general I don't mind logos, but I don't go out of my way to protect them while cleaning, and because I usually only clean the top of a cymbal they usually end up with only ink on the bottom and completely clean on the top.
  10. Winston_Wolf

    Jazz “ Left Side” cymbals

    I agree with TK-421...The left side should be a contrast to the right side...I'd say generally the left side is going to be the lighter, crashier, one though. Back when I was regularly playing jazz I did pretty much everything with A. Zildjians... a 22" medium ride, a 15" paper thin crash, and...
  11. Winston_Wolf

    1970s (?) Ludwig Super Classic

    At the time these drums were made (1984) there was no Super Classic line. These drums have a thicker 6-ply maple/poplar shell and that was the only option because Ludwig only had a single pro-level set. In 1988 they added a thinner 4-ply shell, which they named Super Classic series, and then...
  12. Winston_Wolf

    1970s (?) Ludwig Super Classic

    The fact that there are top and bottom lugs instead of one-piece hi tension lugs is a big plus. Sparkle wraps are also popular once again, so that's another thing in your favor. I'm curious if these drums tend more toward blue or more toward green...They look sort of teal in the posted pics...
  13. Winston_Wolf

    1970s (?) Ludwig Super Classic

    I would re-measure all of the drums with the heads off to better determine their actual size. The floor tom is either 16" or 18" (Ludwig never made a 17" drum). It appears that the floor tom has both legs and a Modular tom mount, meaning the legs were added after the fact. I would try to sell...
  14. Winston_Wolf


    MMR has a four-ply with re-rings, and the MMC has a six ply straight shell.
  15. Winston_Wolf

    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    Yeah, the P930 pedal is really great. I've been playing around with the settings lately, and while I liked it literally straight out of the box I've dialed it in a little more now and it's just a joy to play.
  16. Winston_Wolf

    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    Nope, it's a 24" bass drum I'm using as a cymbal stand essentially! :P I'm not great at double bass, Chester doesn't really use very much double bass in your average Genesis show, but without both bass drums the kit just doesn't look complete!
  17. Winston_Wolf

    Removing metal over wood finish as well rivets

    I've been where you are myself, so I can tell what to do in two easy steps. 1) Throw the drum into a deep hole/the ocean/an active volcano etc. 2) Go buy a different shell to re-wrap. Seriously, it is a major pain for several reasons. The Chrome-O-Wood wrap is an actual piece of steel, so it...
  18. Winston_Wolf

    My Music City Custom Snare Verdict

    I'm a little late to the party and when I first clicked in this thread it was already at six pages, which I just figured must be filled with happy chatter about what I'm sure is an awesome snare drum. Well, I guess it mostly is,, wow. What makes the whole side topic so much more...
  19. Winston_Wolf

    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    Please notice I don't have a shitty old Slingerland throne like Phil used... :P
  20. Winston_Wolf

    Compressing CDs - FLAC compression level 0 or MP3 320kbps

    I know the pitchforks are already sharp and the torches are already lit, but it's worth remembering the end use in this instance is listening on a car stereo...