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  1. Armor of Light

    Whats Your Latest Practice ?

    I have to admit..that book (all drum books really) scares me a bit. I own it, but have not started it. I just have to bite the bullet and get better! I can't do double stokes to save my life! I play a lot, but the difference between practice and play is huge.
  2. Armor of Light

    Bad Drum Photography

    That's what those sturdy Pearl tubes are for!
  3. Armor of Light

    I broke a piece of gear tonight.

    Still better than ZBT's!
  4. Armor of Light

    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    They got it right on Deep Space 9..the vegas-style Vic Fontaine band.
  5. Armor of Light

    Who here plays ash drums?

    I have owned and played the Dominion Ash kit for 10 years now. Same as the OP I think..24 x 20. I use Evans G2 heads and Evans Resonant on bottom. EMAD on the foam ring. They sound terrific! I used pinstripes for a long time, and those are also good but, the coated heads really mellow...
  6. Armor of Light

    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    Come Out & Play..Offspring. Memphis..J. Rivers
  7. Armor of Light

    Pearl 75th Anniversary

    I sold mine to a guy named Joey Rains from Texas...hoping you know him, and I can buy it back! Mirror Chrome. 6 piece. Oh...that bass drum. I miss that sound and have been trying to match it ever since.
  8. Armor of Light


    In my head, I'm Kenny Aronoff, but in reality I'm Quasi Aronoff.
  9. Armor of Light

    Steve Smith

    Thaaaat Kiiiittttt...
  10. Armor of Light

    Can't take PDP seriously somehow

    I just stumbled upon this old topic. I agree with the OP. It has been bugging me for years. I played was 'good'. Everyone who owns one and tries to sell it advertises it as "by DW". Pathetic. The real nutters always swap out the bass drum head for a DW. The AMF Harley Davidson of Drums.
  11. Armor of Light

    What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?

    I'm not sure if Grohl counts anymore. But, does Lars belong at all? Did he actually write any songs? I'm not a fan, so I dunno.
  12. Armor of Light

    What DRUMMER has the most success / notability as the songwriter?

    While still being the drummer.. I'm thinking Phil Collins obviously. Phil Ehart? Don Henley?
  13. Armor of Light

    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    Anybody dig the Satin Flames?
  14. Armor of Light

    The most beautiful drum shells finishes

    Yes. Mirror Chrome is the winner.
  15. Armor of Light

    Pearl or Taye?

  16. Armor of Light

    Pearl or Taye?

    I'd love to add another 24" and a 12" to my existing kit. I found a 12"..but no luck yet on a 24". Apparently, the finish is the same as on another Taye model, so I could get lucky. Plus, that logo..It's certainly one of the most stylish. Cool enough to stand out a bit. I assume they sell plenty...
  17. Armor of Light

    Am I too old to start drumming?

    You'll be doing Everlong and Basket Case before you know it! Welcome.
  18. Armor of Light

    Pearl or Taye?

    Sound like you have the old "3-piece" long lugs. Yes..those are a pain. I've owned a few of that Export vintage. There is a reason they sold so many! I also own (currently) a Taye Pro-X. It's their version of an export, and I can say the hardware is very nice. The kit sounds great, too. It's all...
  19. Armor of Light

    What is "Worship Music"?

    Where I live.. Around here the website it's cooler!