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  1. Winston_Wolf

    Unwrapped Ludwig Rockers Update!

    I was looking back and realized it's been about 7 years since I first started my little unwrapping project. The first part started here but I've been making a lot of changes now that I have *ahem* some free time so I thought a full update was in order. Over the years I've collected several old...
  2. Winston_Wolf

    Finally! My First Final Phil Collins tribute kit

    I'm pretty excited about my newest project and wanted to share. I've been a huge Phil Collins fan for well over 30 years, but I've never really put too much though into actually having a kit like Phil's. But this year I finally decided to go ahead and put together a set like his. I know Phil...
  3. Winston_Wolf

    My Upgraded Ludwigs

    I spent some time working on my Ludwigs this weekend and I thought I'd show off what I've done up to this point. Sizes are: 24x16 16x16 (x2) 14x13 13x12 12x11 10x9 These started off as Rockers (and a Pearl MMX bass drum) and all had the wrap removed and the shells sanded and...
  4. Winston_Wolf

    My Ludwig Snare Collection

    I realized that for once I had all of my snares in the same place, so I snapped a quick picture and I thought I'd share. From left to right: 14x10" mid-70s 6 ply marching drum with S-hoop. 14x8" Supralite with black nickel lugs and die cast hoops. 14x6.5" Black Magic (lugs and hoops...
  5. Winston_Wolf

    My Band - A Breath Forgotten

    We finally finished the video for the first song we've written since I joined A Breath Forgotten. I hope you all dig it!
  6. Winston_Wolf

    Unwrapped Ludwig Rockers!

    I finally made some real progress on updating my Rocker kit so I thought I'd post up some quick and dirty pics and the background of the kit. I've had this kit for going on a couple of years now. Mid 80s Ludwig Rocker kit, used but not (too) abused, with a black wrap finish. This has been my...
  7. Winston_Wolf

    Mapex Meridian Birch

    I got this new kit back in March but it's taken me a while to finally take some pics. It's a great kit, and I think there's a lot of value packed into Mapex's Meridian line. I went with birch this time because I wanted something different and Mapex had caught my eye back when they offered the...