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  1. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Pearl snare

    I have a Pearl snare that sounds quite cool. It looks like it wasn't of the cheapest sort, but I don't know ... Can anybody help me identify this model? Unfortunately it's damaged in a quite ugly way (no idea what happened, I got it in this condition). Thanks for your help!
  2. Swiss Matthias

    Need help identifying a Gretsch snare

    Some time ago I got a Gretsch snare. I think it's a frankenstein one. Unfortunately I have no clue when it comes to Gretsch, let alone older models. Can anyone help me and guess what I have here, and if the snare has any value whatsoever? Thanks!!
  3. Swiss Matthias

    New Leprous album – all around best musical moment for me!

    While the newest album by Norwegian prog band Leprous does polarize (it's rather quiet in comparison), it surely has one of the most experimental songs in it: The Sky Is Red. The closing section / second half of the song must be one of the hottest riffs and moments ever, to me at least! I so...
  4. Swiss Matthias

    New video by Swiss Matthias *happy!!*

    Dear community! I'm very happy to finally present my long awaited (by me :) ) new video! This piece really is a heart song to me, to say it in Weezer's words. I hope it gets many listeners, and I hope some of you like it! Be sure to watch the whole song :)! Comments are very welcome, as...
  5. Swiss Matthias

    New attempt from a Jim Riley track from the "Survival Guide Of The Modern Drummer"

    After almost a year I finally tried one more Jim Riley play-along from his great and very recommended book. I like his "Hip-Hop" track, and I tried it in a swung version although the original is "officially" binary. I purposely haven't listened to any other versions, let alone an original...
  6. Swiss Matthias

    Shure SE535 vs UE-4

    Hi all I know, there are several threads around talking in-ear systems. I haven't found anything that answers my specific question though: Does anybody have experience with BOTH the SE535 model and the UE-4? It's the two of them I narrowed down my wish list, and I'm not s(h)ure how to decide...
  7. Swiss Matthias

    Ableton live vs. Logic Pro

    I'm considering switching from Logic Pro 9 to Ableton Live 9 (standard, probably). Has anyone experience using both DAWs? I'll have to buy new software anyway since Mac OS High Sierra is coming, and Logic 9 won't be compatible anymore, so I either will have to uprade to Pro X, or take the...
  8. Swiss Matthias

    New outdoor drumming video by me!

    Dear fellow drummers! Yesterday I had the pleasure of uploading my new "big" drumming video! More than a year in the making (or rather waiting, for various reasons) I'm very glad it finally made it :). Thanks to my friends at and a short trip to the Swiss mountains I guess...
  9. Swiss Matthias

    Saw Snarky Puppy live...

    ...tonight, with Larnell Lewis on drums. I think it was one of the best concerts I've witnessed so far. Unbelievable arrangements, so fresh creative and unexpected. Tons of stellar playing from highly gifted musicians that - unlike many so-called fusion acts I've seen and heard - seem completely...
  10. Swiss Matthias

    I transcribed myself!! (from my first "big" video)

    Hi all I got some requests, and so I transcribed the full drum part of my song "When You Think About It" --> Video!! Hope some of you are interested and enjoy checking it out! If you find a mistake, please return it to me! :) Have fun!
  11. Swiss Matthias

    Swiss' drum gear (pics)!!

    Hello all After quite a few years active on DW I finally present to you my recent gear! I play Sonor drums, Meinl cymbals, Agner drum sticks and Evans heads. Currently the drums I own and play are: Sonor Vintage Series in White Marine Pearl, 10", 12", 14", 16", 22" Sonor SQ2 in American...
  12. Swiss Matthias

    The passing of popular people/musicians/entertainers

    I wanted to state something, but I'd like to write it in a separate thread in order to not step all over a thread where it's about a certain person who died. And I absolutely don't have anybody particularly in mind, nor do I want to criticize anyone in particular. When a musician or entertainer...
  13. Swiss Matthias

    Jojo Mayer documentary

    Here's the international version of the great documentary that aired on Swiss TV some months ago:
  14. Swiss Matthias

    Gerri Jäger, drums & electronics

    Everybody please check out this awesome Austrian/Dutch drummer! He also plays in an experimental Amsterdam based duo. Love to discover interesting stuff like this - it never ends...!
  15. Swiss Matthias

    Rocking the first of Jim Riley's tracks from the "Survival Guide For The Modern Drummer" book

    Rocking the first of Jim Riley's tracks from the "Survival Guide For The Modern Drummer" book I wanted to do as good a job as I could just laying down the "right notes" for this pop/rock track, no technique, or licks, or "muso" stuff. Let me know what you think...
  16. Swiss Matthias

    Fat snare sound -> deeper shells? Andy?

    Everytime the "ballad snare" or "fat snare sound" topic comes up anywhere, most people seem to be eager to find a snare as deep as possible, 8" or, in DW's ballad snare case, 10" even. So what's that all about? What difference does shell depth really make? What range is the best for what...
  17. Swiss Matthias

    Studio session video by Swiss M.

    Here's a video including a few clips I made during a studio session last April. I like the different kinds of grooves, and I especially enjoyed playing in a very soft und reduced way. Comments are welcome as always!
  18. Swiss Matthias

    Swiss' drum cover on Tigran's The Poet

    This is my first little drum cover, done in a very simple way (Zoom Q8, also using the inputs) and a bass drum mic. No eq-ing or anything. I loved this piece of music since the first time I've heard it. Although it doesn't belong to the complex and difficult stuff Tigran composes - except maybe...
  19. Swiss Matthias

    Your favourite song examples for cascara, merengue ...

    Hi guys As a drum teacher I'm always looking for good examples for different styles of music. Tell me some of your favourite tunes for -cascara and clave -merengue -cha cha -mozambique (other than Gadd's :) ) -some sambas and bossas -other specific styles that come to your mind I'm very...
  20. Swiss Matthias

    Selling my Sonor Delites in tiger finish

    I'm not aware of a dedicated place for selling gear. If there is, I'm sorry, mods feel free to move my thread... I decided to sell my beloved Sonor delite shell set in tiger finish (see my avatar picture. I bought them in 2012. I sell the drums because lately I'm barely using them anymore, and...