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  1. johnwesley

    Open letter to all forum members

    Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure this will be removed. I received a letter from Johnny this morning and am posting my response.....The only reason for making this public is so those I've become friends with and those who've enjoyed my posts know why I'm gone Today at 8:05 AM 10/11/2020 We need...
  2. johnwesley

    Ajax by Boosey & Hawkes......

    Anyone of you play the snare drums they were making back in the 50s/60s? I've played B & H clarinets and they are high quality instruments, but don't know about the drums they made. I've heard they are as good as Premier, which I have played. Guy in town has an Ajax B & H birch snare drum for...
  3. johnwesley

    How light is too light for hi hat cymbals????

    Haven't made up my mind on the Wuhan 16" hats yet and have another option. 14" Zildjians from the 50s. Thing is they are really ;light weight. 625 grams and 630 grams. I'm not a cymbal smasher but those seem really light for anyone other than a light jazz application. Any thoughts on these...
  4. johnwesley

    Wuhan crash cymbals as hi hats.....?????

    I'm using 13" Ks as my main hats right now, but would like to add either 15" or 16" hats in a lighter weight to get a different sound. Found a pair of Wuhan 16" cymbals at a good price. One is a standard crash, the other a "paper thin". Thought they might make a good choice for what I'm...
  5. johnwesley

    THIS is what I'm talkin' about.....

    I posted a thread dealing with the price of cracked cymbals because I wanted to buy some no good cymbals to turn into wind chimes. Problem is the sellers are asking WAY too much for broken cymbals. Here's an example.....I particularly like the sellers assessment: DRUMMERS WHO HAVE BEEN AROUND...
  6. johnwesley

    LUDWIG Paiste cymbals

    I've not played any but am looking at a pair of 15" hi hats. These are Swiss not German made. Price is good but wondering if you've had any playing time on these Ludwig branded cymbals.
  7. johnwesley

    Updated photo of my kit

    Obviously the drives seat. The cymbal in the middle is a 20" K heavy ride. The crashes are 16" K to the right and next to it a 16" Istanbul Agop Xist, and below them are my 13" K hi hats. To the left is a 17" K and next to it a Sabian AA 10" china. Then further down is the famous...
  8. johnwesley

    Pricing broken, damaged, worthless cymbals

    For the life of me I don't understand someone asking exorbitant prices for a cymbal that is so badly damaged it useless. I'm talking for example of a Paiste Signature 16" crash with a 6" crack along the lathe lines 2" below the bell.....and asking price is 65 dollars plus shipping. Or A...
  9. johnwesley

    BECAUSE YOU ASKED snare toms and metal bathroom trash can

    Darth Vater in particular seems amazed that I use wireless snare drums as rack toms. Have a listen and tell me what you think. BTW, I have no idea why my phone video recorded me backwards. It looks like I'm a lefty, but I'm not. Weird, and so is uploading to You Tube.
  10. johnwesley

    MP 3 files

    Hey, I tried to post an MP 3 file here and it didn't work???? How come?
  11. johnwesley

    Drumming to Yoko Ono

    Just wonder if anyone's played along with any of the tracks she recorded. I guess "Two Virgins" along with John Lennon doesn't really count. I know Yoko just released or will release soon a new album. Not sure what time signatures or key the songs are in, but I'd venture to say she doesn't...
  12. johnwesley

    How hot was it in Phoenix today ???

    115 DEGREES !!!!
  13. johnwesley

    New Stones song "Scarlet"....just released

    Listen to Watts drumming on this one. He's really cutting loose....for Charlie.
  14. johnwesley

    Zildjian ZHT

    Looking at an 18" ZHT china. Internet sound file sounds good. Any experience with these or the ZHT line in general? I understand they're better quality than the ZBT line. Not a big fan of chinas. Only one I ever had and liked was a 14" Dream. This ZHT has the same qualities as far as I can...
  15. johnwesley

    New snare drum

    Just picked this up for $50. Kent USA 5x14 WMP. Maple shell and all but the throw and heads are original. Took it all apart, sharpened the edges. sanded, oiled then waxed the inside, cleaned outside shell and polished up the hardware. Dang thing sounds great!!
  16. johnwesley

    Teddy Whitlaub

    Anybody ever heard of this guy?
  17. johnwesley

    Charlie Daniels 10-28-1936 ---7-6-2020

    Despite his enormous size, Charlie was the gentlest, kindest, most down to earth man I ever spent time with. What a great talent and lover of America and the U.S. armed forces.
  18. johnwesley

    Good Morning Campers

    That's all. Have a great day
  19. johnwesley

    Want your input on steel snare drums.....

    I've played bronze, brass, and copper but for some reason never thought of steel. Maybe because their prices are so low I figure they must be more beginner drums. Many of them apparently are student drums or maybe their price point is the reason many are marketed as student models. I've seen...
  20. johnwesley

    Snare drum boom stand

    Wondering if you ever used one and which might be best. By that I mean most solide without tipping when the boom is extended quite a ways. Taye makes one, but I'm not familiar with Taye's drums or hardware so don't know it's quality. I have 2 DW 9000 model stands and love them but need to...