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  1. GruntersDad

    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    Make a spread sheet on your computer
  2. GruntersDad

    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    Brown nosing, where?? Send me cash money and I would still vote against it. Members to this day won't go back and post that their items have sold. So after 90 days, they disappear.
  3. GruntersDad

    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    Many would join just to sell and not contribute to the forum. don't need that
  4. GruntersDad

    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    I have bought and sold from the classifieds on this forum. You post what your selling, post a few photos, add a price and move on. If a buyer doesn't like the price , he or she can barter or haggle by PM. And soon as a subforum is posted someone is going to want a section for drums, snares...
  5. GruntersDad

    Any hockey fans?

    Lightning of those New York teams 0
  6. GruntersDad

    Poll: Thumbnails or Full Size Image in Post

    thumb nails. If interested I can click on them
  7. GruntersDad

    Soft Wood Drum Project

    If they are Poplar they are a hardwood. Trees with leaves are classified as Hardwood. Trees with needles or pine cones are softwoods. If you are talking about the wood being soft that's another story. Poplar, that I use for picture frames etc. is hard, but there are softer Poplars also...
  8. GruntersDad

    Andy's New Bassist

  9. GruntersDad

    A wake up call - literally! available for driving duties. Compensation, Room and board.
  10. GruntersDad

    Any hockey fans?

    Understood. i played team sports in High School and college.
  11. GruntersDad

    Any hockey fans?

    Miss the dressing room? OK!!!!!
  12. GruntersDad

    Help me decide: refinish or wrap?

    Refinishing is much easier and BumHead offers more than a great variety wraps and they look great when done. Wrapping is not cheating. Half of the drums sold are wrapped.
  13. GruntersDad

    Anyone else despise flippers/dealers?

    Buyer beware.. You have to pay attention and be more slick than the sellers. Know your products and a range for price. Free enterprise at times sucks. I have used Ebay, CL, and Facebook Market Place for buying and selling. If I see an item that looks out of line I will let them know. I have...
  14. GruntersDad

    Any hockey fans?

    Go Lightning
  15. GruntersDad

    I wish we had a subforum for buy/sell/trade.

    I wish some one would tell me about the auto-deletion function. I am in their constantly deleting posts thay say Sold, or once older than 90 days!!!!!
  16. GruntersDad

    Bad Drum Photography

    Looks like he used the flash when it wasn't necessary.
  17. GruntersDad

    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    It's the same with movies. I watch almost exclusively movies from the 40's. No green screen, no computers, actors had to act. Now, explosions, car wrecks, they all blow up, all fake. "Give me that old time religion." And for music, would a producer allow Lorreta Lynn to now sing, "I was...
  18. GruntersDad

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    That was a fun build. 18 inch bass drum, had to find lugs, hoops, lug bolts, all from different sellers. 12 and 13 toms from 2 sellers. Lots of sanding and painting.
  19. GruntersDad

    Meeting Uncle Larry

    ain't no snow in Florida
  20. GruntersDad

    Image Attachments Size

    I just uplaoded two photos from my library that are huge and needed no adjustment. Thank you.