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  1. octatonic

    A proposal for the forum regarding For Sale items.

    I've been looking in the For Sale thread and it occurs to me that it is fairly unmanageable. What do people think about having a subforum purely for 'For Sale' items? We could have it delineated by geographical region (even if it is just USA, Europe, Asia etc) and this should hopefully make it...
  2. octatonic

    Sharing kit etiquette on gigs.

    I've been asked to provide a kit for a gig my band is doing that other bands on the bill will be using. I've already decided I don't want my DW's to be used and have bought a Yamaha Stage Custom that will be used in these situations. What is the etiquette with cymbals? I don't particularly...
  3. octatonic

    Gwetschdwummer's new drums.

    I've been away for a bit- I've had a busy few months- I have a band now so made some purchases to allow me a bit more freedom Recent purchases are a DW Collectors: 22x18, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16, 14x5 in Twisted White Satin. This is my recording and practice kit- sounds amazing. I...
  4. octatonic

    Roland TD50 has been announced. New snare, ride & racks too. Custom sample integration looks interesting- and about time too. Who wants to buy a used TD30? :)
  5. octatonic

    Gold badge DW in 2007.

    Hi folks, Wondering if there is something fishy about this DW solid shell snare? I thought DW stop using gold badges by this time, or am I mistaken? Is this legit, or has it been put together by someone else? Cheers,
  6. octatonic

    How old is my Slingerland Nashville Radio King?

    Hi folks, I recently found a Slingerland Nashville Radio King 14x5.75" snare on Gumtree and bought it. I don't know much about this brand. Does anyone know anything about these? Wondering how old it might be- even a rough estimate. Looks to be a maple shell. Cheers. Pics:
  7. octatonic

    DW Cherry vs Maple.

    Hi Folks, I am looking at buying a new 2 up, 2 down DW kit and having trouble finding stock in the UK. There are a few in the UK in the more expensive finishes but I'd prefer a cheaper finish (thinking sparkly finishply) to keep the cost down. I found one in the sizes I want (22/16/14/12/10)...
  8. octatonic

    Right hand pain.

    Hi all, I've been drumming for 4 years, mostly on an electronic kit as it allows me to work on technique without making too much noise. Today I did a couple of hours (of spirited playing- it was nice to make noise again) on the acoustic kit and I have a tingly right hand that is a bit sore...
  9. octatonic

    When to expand beyond a 3 piece kit?

    I've been playing for about 4 years now and getting to be a decent-ish (but still learning) drummer. I've been playing a 3 piece kit since I started but always thought I'd like to go for a 3 up, 2 down kit *at some stage*. I know this is a fairly open ended question and depends on many...
  10. octatonic

    Get a (trad) grip?

    I've been playing a few years now, matched grip. If I wanted to work on traditional grip for a while what do you suggest I concentrate on?
  11. octatonic

    Going from direct drive to chain pedal.

    Hoping for some advice from you good people. I learned to drum with a direct drive pedal- I've had a Pearl Demon Drive since I started drumming a few years ago. I've never used a chain drive pedal. I wanted to add a slave pedal to it to give me double bass functionality but it seems that I am...
  12. octatonic

    Does anyone else do this? Home practice approach

    I live in a terraced house in central London so not able to set up my full kit. I've taken to using a practice pad with the rack tom in its soft case positioned where the kick drum would sit. It is perfectly fine for home practice- I get enough feedback from the pedal to know I am hitting...
  13. octatonic

    Ideas for my next cymbals

    So I've been slowly replacing my beginner cymbals with better sounding alternatives. I now have the following: Meinl Byzance 14" Trad Medium Hats. Zildjian 18" A Custom Projection Crash. Zildjian 20" A Custom Medium Ride. Sabian 10" AAX Splash. I want to add 2 more to the kit- perhaos another...
  14. octatonic

    New hi hat day

    Just picked up a set of Meinl 14" Byzance Traditional Medium Hats. Really nice, meaty sound to it. I'm a very happy lad.
  15. octatonic

    24x16 versus 22x18

    Hi ppl, I've been wondering about the difference in tone between 24x16 and 22x18's? I know there is a lot of variables but assuming the exact same drum manufacturer with the same hardware what are the main differences between these sizes. I assume the volume (as in cubic volume, not sound...
  16. octatonic

    Bass drum resonant head- want more attack.

    Hi ppl, I have a 24x16 Gretsch Renown maple bass drum. It has a Powerstroke 3 batter and a Fibreskyn 3 resonant on it at the moment, which is how I bought it. I am struggling to get much attack from this combination- it is very boomy and has no top end to it- even if I crank it. I am guessing...
  17. octatonic

    Just found this Slingerland snare 14x5

    Hi ppl, Can anyone clue me up about this Slingerland snare? Don't know much about it other than it is 14x5 and from the 1970's. Is this a good buy?