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    More crazy drum kits!

    Here is another crazy drum kit that I built. Crazy Solid Wood Reso Side Bass Drum Bikini Kit! Thanks for looking!
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    I Need Ludwig Help - Anyone?

    I was recently gifted with a 1961 Ludwig Super Classic in Blue Oyster Pearl. Included were a set of vintage Zildjian hi-hats from '61 as well as a Supraphonic snare. I'm experiencing some confusion because the shell sizes are all correct for the kit but it is unusual in two aspects. 1. The tom...
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    My crazy drum kits!

    Here is a link to my blog. It's a museum (of sorts) for all my crazy drum dreams! Whenever I want a new kit, I start thinking about things I haven't seen before and try to make it so. Enjoy! Feel free to leave comments here, including new ideas! I'm constantly...
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    Need help with cajon style kit!! Please!

    I'm building a micro-kit (as an experiment) with square shells, very similar to a cajon. I plan on using 1/8" maple plywood as the shells. Can anyone tell me if I need to build an internal frame, or if the box would be strong enough by itself without a frame? Any input/suggestions/ideas/comments...
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    $30 Slingerland cocktail kit

    I ran into (literally) a mid 50's Slingerland cocktail kit for $30 a couple of weeks ago. The wrap was trashed and the original pedal was missing. It came with a Ludwig Speedmaster Red Reversible pedal, still in working order. Here's a picture of it, taken with a crappy camera phone. I've spent...