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  1. bud7h4

    Mic'd Up Home Kits

    1. to play to music 2. it just sounds 100% better (particularly the snare). The better the sound, the better I play, that's a fact.
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    Metal and Hard Rock Drummers Who Use Single Kick Pedals

    Double bass is no longer exclusive to thrash and death metal (i.e. speed). Now more than ever double bass is being used to play groove oriented metal.
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    True confessions..older and slooower

    I just started getting fast in my late 40s lol. Now just past 50, the only thing that slows me down is too much time off the drums. When I had an e-kit I played for at least 2 hours a day, every day. But since going back to real drums I play about 2 hours a week and I'm getting rusty.
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    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    Why would they willingly do that to themselves? It reminds me of people ahead of you in line at a fast food place who wait until they're at the register to look at the menu and decide what they want.
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    Are you still happy?

    I am not against any of those, and am frustrated and angered when I see crowds of people such as the spring break idiots, but I'm also fully aware that the government has absolutely no authority to mandate such things. Not in America at least. It certainly presents a dilemma. As for happiness...
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    Rick Beato: Modern Music's Death by Auto-Tune

    The state of modern music is a sad commentary on society as a whole and I believe they are correlated. And I don't just mean the way music is made; I'm referring to the fact that the masses are fine with it and even desire it.
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    Do You Feel a Need for Everything to Match?

    All drums except the snare. Even if it's the same series as the whole kit, I'd pay extra for a different finish. I like cymbal stands and booms the same brand and series and actually recently achieved that for the first time ever. I need matched crashes, that's about it for cymbals.
  8. bud7h4

    Brand loyal or or mix?

    That sounds like the K Dark Thin crashes I owned (17 and 18). They sound great but don't open up nearly as easily as K Custom Darks. I'm not brand loyal but certain brands sound the way I like and others just don't. Zildjian are my go to crashes because they have a really clean fundamental tone...
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    Tom mount (L-Rod) positioning vs sustain

    That's interesting. That's probably where bongoman was going as well. 5cm is a very short difference though considering he's almost tripling the sustain with the inverted mount. I wonder if the inverted L-rod vibrates more regardless how high the drum is mounted.
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    Tom mount (L-Rod) positioning vs sustain

    Looks the same in the video. I haven't tried inverting mine yet. I just know the upright position is definitely choking some sustain out.
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    Tom mount (L-Rod) positioning vs sustain

    Why would a tom have less sustain mounted on an upright L-rod than on an inverted L-rod? Like this guy, my 10" tom loses a ton of sustain on an upright L-rod.
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    Dennis Chambers Plays Terry Bozzio's Drum Set

    Must have taken him a while to find it under all of that.
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    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    He's playing the live version.
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    Drum Dial Settings For Snare Tuning

    I've never used a drum dial so I don't know what the values should look like, but the bottom head should be noticeably tighter than the batter on a snare. Regarding he unpleasant overtone, it could be caused by many things. Maybe one or both heads simply not within the ideal range of tuning for...
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    Pros and Cons of a Drum rack

    Although I play a relatively small kit (5-pc) I use a rack to make mounting and positioning my cymbals easier. While I don't have a crazy number of them, there are enough that I don't want three or four cymbal stands turned into cymbal trees with my splashes and effects cymbals hanging off each one.
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    Drum Dial Settings For Snare Tuning

    The best tuning results I've had for my snare drums was just last week; first time ever using a ruler along the snare-side bearing edge to keep the hoop perfectly level as I tighten up the lugs.
  17. bud7h4

    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    You're right about tone, but I hear a difference between birch and maple, for example, in the attack as well as sustain, and prefer maple by a long shot on both accounts. I'm referring to all-birch shells though. Birch hybrids are a different story. The American Walnut layers on the starclassic...
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    K R L K R L . . . . . .
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    Concert toms

    I've never played them. Don't they feel different when played compared to a double headed tom? Seems to me they would have to.