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  1. HUdrummer

    Pearl World Series?

    My moms boyfriend has a Pearl World Series kit that he would like to give me. I don't really know a lot about these. He said its from the late 80s or early 90s, 7 piece kit ( 3 high toms, 2 low toms, snare & bass), and he said he has around 15 cymbals ( mostly Zildjian A's and Z's) They have...
  2. HUdrummer

    Help Getting A New Kit.

    Im thinking about getting a new kit to keep at my bands practice area. I'm tired of dragging my Brady back and forth to practice without any cases (BTW I decided i'm not selling the Brady). My budget is $400. I used to think that wouldnt get me anything, but I was wrong. I was looking at the...
  3. HUdrummer

    Pear Forum Used For $80

    Hey, on guitar center online, I was looking at the used stuff and came across a pearl forum for $80. I'm thinking about getting this for my 9 year old brother for his birthday. Hes just now getting started on drums, and he is currently using a sound percussion kit. Would this be a good buy for...
  4. HUdrummer

    Recording Drums With One Mic

    Ok, I am in a situation where I need to start making a few demos with my band. I dont need, nor have the money for a full set of mics, and a mixer... All I am using is my rockband usb mic (lol) and audacity. It works Ok, but im wondering if there is a way to make it better. I currently am...
  5. HUdrummer

    Is It Legal To Play Drums In The Middle Of The Night?

    This may sound strange, but is there a law against playing drums in the middle of the night? Because tonight I was drumming at 2:30am and my neighbor called me and threatened to call the cops. I absolutely hate my neighbors because they always try to find something to call the police on me for...
  6. HUdrummer

    Whats Your Drumming Story?

    Whats your story behind where you are drumming today? Ill start: When I was 14 I got my first drum kit from a friend of mine for only like 5 video games. It was a shitty Sound Percussion kit, but for 5 sucky video games, I couldn't argue. I played that for around 6 months... I fell in love with...
  7. HUdrummer

    Getting Control Over Your Left Foot?

    Hey everyone. I'm trying to start practicing some double bass rudiments, and im learning that I literally have absolutly no control over my left foot. I got the RLRL thing going really good, but when it comes to doing stuff like RRLLRRLL, or RLRLRRLL, or RRRLLLRRRLLL, I just cant get it. Can...
  8. HUdrummer

    How To Get A Dry Sound Outta Your Snare?

    I was watching this video and I really like the sound of that snare. How do I get it?
  9. HUdrummer

    Pearl Firecracker Snare Problem

    I just bought the Pearl firecracker snare in a garage sale for $10. The problem is is that its a 10in snare drum and it wont fit in my stand securely. Can anyone help me? My stand is a cheap SP stand.
  10. HUdrummer

    Refinishing My Drums

    Ok I have this old Apollo kit I got from a friend for only $40. Im wanting to mess with it a little bit now that I got my Brady kit. I'm wanting to refinish it. It already has the ugly stain on it, but Im wanting to change it up a bit. I'm either going to restain it a darker walnut color then...
  11. HUdrummer

    My Friend Say He Will Sell Me A Brady Drum Set

    My friends grandfather past away a few years ago, and hes family inherited his drum set. The name on the drumset is "Brady". I've never heard of that brand, but it looks really nice. He said hed sell it to me for $200. Neither of us know anything about the drumset. Her tried to take it to a pawn...
  12. HUdrummer

    Making a Porthole

    I'm wanting to put a six in porthole in my bass head. how would I cut a perfect circle?
  13. HUdrummer

    Show Me Your "First" Drum Set

    Heres my first kit, yea I know its a junker, but it was "my" junker. I used the crap outta this. I use it for almost a year when I was first starting off. Now lets see what you guys had.
  14. HUdrummer

    How To Get More Attack Out Of Your Drums?

    Heads, tuning, ext. what gets you the best attack?
  15. HUdrummer

    Metalcore Bass Tuning

    How would I get this sound out of my bass? Tuning, muffling ext...
  16. HUdrummer

    Tuning Cymbals?

    Yesterday my friends stepdad gave me and my friends ride to guitarcenter. I got some sticks, and my friend got some new guitar strings. on the way back home he mentioned something about tuning cymbals. he said that you screw the top of the stand, and put cymbal tape under the cymbal. Can someone...
  17. HUdrummer

    Apollo Drums

    Does anybody know anything about Apollo drums. My friends said he would sell a 5 peice kit with a wood finish for 20-40 bucks! does anybody know anything about these drums. They look to be vintage!
  18. HUdrummer

    Attack Drum Heads

    Attacj drum heads are not near as popular as Evans, Remo, or even Aquariun. But I have veard good things about tham, especially their snare heads. What are your thoughts on these heads?
  19. HUdrummer

    Can You Add More Lugs To Your Bass Drum

    Is it possible to ad more lugs to my 6 lug BD. Im considering restoring my poplar kit by staining it, new heads on, and alot of other stuff to get me by until i can raise enough money for a new kit. The problem im running into is giving the bass more lugs. I know I could just screw in more new...
  20. HUdrummer

    DW 3000 VS Tama Iron Cobra Jr

    theyre both in the same price range so which is better?