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  1. Meter man

    Looking for a wood snare

    Thanks for all the suggestions. After much deliberation, I went with a Yamaha Absolute Hybrid maple snare. I have an Evans UV1 batter head coming today.
  2. Meter man

    Looking for a wood snare

    Are Stave snares considered louder than most wood snares? I assume it depends on the wood type. I've never played one. They look nice
  3. Meter man

    Looking for a wood snare

    As the title states, I'm in the market for a wood snare drum. I'm good on the metal side, but would like a warm fat sounding wood snare in my arsenal. The brand, wood type and lug count do not matter, I would prefer no deeper than 6.5" and would like to keep the price south of $800 dollars if...
  4. Meter man

    What's your latest purchase?

    22" Zildjian K Light Ride
  5. Meter man

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Classic Maple 22 13 16
  6. Meter man

    What's your latest purchase?

    Absolutely love those Yamaha lightweight stands! I bought two about six months ago and my back is way happier.
  7. Meter man

    I’m going to ask

    The Dirty Mac.
  8. Meter man

    Tama Dyna Sync Pedal.

    My only tiny complaint about this pedal is that the beater/shaft is not centered directly over the foot pedal. I like to have it strike the middle of the head. Out of the box, it's like 2 inches to the right so I'm going to move it as close to the drive link as possible. Other than that, I'm...
  9. Meter man

    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    Thanks for all the responses. I think I'm leaning towards the Yamaha Crosstowns as I don't like the look of the flat base stands. I've never used their hardware but the reviews look good.
  10. Meter man

    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    So, I need to replace a couple cymbal stands that I've had forever and am looking for straight ones that are lightweight, yet sturdy for gigs (back's not getting any younger). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Meter man

    What's your latest purchase?

    Just got this yesterday. 6.5 Hammered Bronze Supra.
  12. Meter man

    Planning on buying a Roc-N-Soc

    I have the standard (non nitro) Roc n soc for 10 years now and still love it. I gig with it regularly and I'm a big dude and it still as sturdy as it was when I bought it in 2009.
  13. Meter man

    Early Birthday Presents

    Vinyl's great until you have to move.
  14. Meter man

    Tama Dyna-Sync reviews?

    I just bought one about two weeks ago. Im still getting use to it as its my first direct drive, but it feels solid and I love the beater.
  15. Meter man

    What's your latest purchase?

    Lol! There's gotta be a better word than "rim cheese".
  16. Meter man

    Hello Ludwig players,..

    I tried both. Off the cymbal stand and snare stand. I prefer snare stand because I can get it placed pretty much right where I want it and it's also feels very solid. The cymbal stand would shake a bit and I couldn't get the tom far enough a way from my crash.
  17. Meter man

    Remo Vintage Emperor Coated

    Nice! Let me guess the sizes. 13,16,18 and 22 by 14 kick? Am I close? Heres mine.
  18. Meter man

    Remo Vintage Emperor Coated

    Hey Jamie, Welcome to Drummerworld. I too recently purchased a Classic Maple set. I threw coated Emp's on the toms and they sound so good. You gotta post a pic of your new set when you get a chance.
  19. Meter man

    Sticks slipping

    I use surfboard wax which works well. However, you do have to reapply and try not to wipe your hands on pants as it can get messy.
  20. Meter man

    Cutting a hole in the bass drum...How big, methods etc...

    I have destroyed 3 reso heads in the last 9 years trying to cut a hole. One was the hot can, then an exacto knife and most recently, the Bass O's cutting tool. I'm done. I am bad at it :(. Now, I just buy a pre-cut head with the reinforcement ring on it.