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    Promark giveaway sweepstakes

    Enter to win, one entry per person.
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    RIP Bunny

  3. someguy01

    Mary Wilson

    Not a drummer, but where would music be without her? R.I.P Mary.
  4. someguy01

    Brexit or Typo?

    Every one of these listings has the same, insane shipping cost. Brexit tariffs or just a mess of typos?
  5. someguy01

    3mm TF vs DC

    As it seems dfd is out of their DC hoops for the foreseeable future, I was curious as to if anyone has used a 3mm TF in lieu of a DC hoop. It appears they are similar in weight and I wanted to know about tonal differences between the two on an 8 lug wood snare (Birch/Eucalyptus/Birch).
  6. someguy01

    any ideas what these might be? There's zippy for a description. It looks like Ludwig lugs, but beyond that, no clue.
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    Not really drum related, unless you need your email. Has anyone else discovered that all of Google's services are failing to function this morning? I can't sign in anywhere and Google seems to think none of my email addresses are valid...
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    Veteran's Day

    Just a little shout out to any of my fellow members of the armed services. Thanks for volunteering to defend our rights.
  9. someguy01

    sold a mess of stuff

    So, much to wife's enjoyment, I sold a mess of gear over the weekend, gave some stuff away to a local music school, etc. Now I have but one drum kit, three snares, and down to just 4 pairs of hi-hats (5 when I decide on the two I posted in another thread). With this recently liquified...
  10. someguy01

    SJC custom

    Who knows what about these kits? Seem quite reasonably priced, pics look good. Anyone have experience with them? Pros/cons? I was looking at this ridiculous thing, because, well, it's ridiculous and right up my alley...
  11. someguy01

    Hi-hats: which one?

    I play a lot of things, very little metal if at all anymore. I need new hi-hats and can't seem to decide. A) Paiste 14" Signature Dark Energy Hi-hat Mk I Cymbals Or B)Zildjian 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi-hat Cymbals What say you?