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  1. Meter man

    Looking for a wood snare

    As the title states, I'm in the market for a wood snare drum. I'm good on the metal side, but would like a warm fat sounding wood snare in my arsenal. The brand, wood type and lug count do not matter, I would prefer no deeper than 6.5" and would like to keep the price south of $800 dollars if...
  2. Meter man

    Looking for recommendations for lightweight cymbal stands.

    So, I need to replace a couple cymbal stands that I've had forever and am looking for straight ones that are lightweight, yet sturdy for gigs (back's not getting any younger). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Meter man

    Hoop replacement for Black Beauty.

    I'm having a difficult time finding a replacement snare side hoop for my Black Beauty. Everywhere I look seems to be offering only die cast or wood. I was hoping to replace mine with another exact hoop. It's a 14 inch 10 hole 2.3 triple flange. I like it because it's got a little weight to...