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  1. dwsabianguy

    Overhead mics

    My AKG C414 B-ULS are my first pick for overheads. I have a pair of AEA R84s, which are super dark and fat and need a lot of top end boost to sound the way I want them to most of the time, and Neumann KM184s, which have an upper midrange boost that I don't think is very flattering on cymbals. I...
  2. dwsabianguy

    Which Tom?

    At this point I've played pretty much all of the models from the big three drumhead makers so I'm familiar with what they do. The toms get tweaked as a whole instrument so that they all sound good together; I don't just set one tom to one sound, then say "done!" And move on. They get adjusted as...
  3. dwsabianguy

    Sample pads!

    I'll do my best to maintain a thread here. I got the SPD-SX special edition after I found a pretty decent deal on Reverb from Pitbull Audio. It's working great so far, and I just spent the last two hours loading samples of tubular chimes into a new "kit." It's too bad that it only runs at...
  4. dwsabianguy

    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    The entire Dogman album by King's X Tom Petty Anton Fig on various Joe Bonamassa albums
  5. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    This is the Roland SPD-SX Special Edition, which has 16GB of user-loadable sample storage instead of the usual 4GB. They usually run $850ish but I got it this one for 739 from Pitbull Audio through Reverb.
  6. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    If I said I was looking forward to the programming I'd be lying, but it seems like powerful tool all the same. We're paring the Cygnus X-2 project down to the proper trio, so I'll be loading it with samples of chimes and sound effects, and I really don't want to run out of storage, hence the SE...
  7. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    We have arrived at the 21st Century here, folks.
  8. dwsabianguy

    What's your plans with your current DW drums?

    My only DWs are snares - two Craviottos from the 90s 13" and 14" both 6.5" depth, and the 5x14 cast bronze I picked up two weeks ago. I have no intention of getting rid of any of these, since they're all such great sounding unique drums. I did have a three-piece 22/10/14 pre-Collectors kit for...
  9. dwsabianguy

    Time Capsule '67 Supraphonic

    Yeah, nobody's going to play that drum, which is pretty sad. I'm definitely curious how it compares to the LM400 I got just three months ago, though...
  10. dwsabianguy

    Sample pads!

    Hey there, With Cygnus X-2 going to the proper trio format within the next couple months, the two string players are investing in synthesizers, and I'm going to have to do the same. So I am officially in the market for one of those, dare I say it, electronic drum pads. The primary use for this...
  11. dwsabianguy


    Definitely lots of Neil. Some Steve Gadd Some Zigaboo, some Stanton Moore Some Dennis Chambers Some Jeff Porcaro Sometimes some Tony Williams
  12. dwsabianguy

    The Spirit of Radio from the Rehearsal Room

    Thank you for coming out last night - we had a blast playing, to the point where I got blisters on both hands for the first time in about a decade! And now to unload the van... Here are some photos from the show:
  13. dwsabianguy

    The Spirit of Radio from the Rehearsal Room

    Oh hell yeah! See you tonight!
  14. dwsabianguy

    Show us your Four Piece Kits.

    Does it count if its bones are a four piece?
  15. dwsabianguy

    The best ping ride?

    If I was going to get a "Ping" ride I'd get a 22" Signature Dry Heavy Ride. Which of course they don't really make anymore. The 22" HH Rock Ride is a really great cymbal too, and I regret selling the one I had. Of those you listed I'd get the EAK cause it seems like it would be the coolest of...
  16. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    Last night it was tuned very high and I had a wallet on there to temper that not-quite-good CS, but I've got it tuned sort of medium low and wide open with an Ambassador X and Yamaha DC hoops at home right now. Super fat and incredibly sensitive all the way around, and I've yet to find a range...
  17. dwsabianguy

    What's your latest purchase?

    A DW 5x14 from 2000... cast bronze!
  18. dwsabianguy

    Roger Hawkins RIP

    Just heard about this by way of Steve Jordan's IG. He played on so many great tunes, with such a great feel.
  19. dwsabianguy

    Festival backline playing

    Oh man... I played a gig about three years ago out at the beach, where the opener played for two hours, and the drummer used my kit, and completely soaked the Tama Ergo-Rider I had at the time. After that incident I'm less likely to let anyone play my kit. I mean, if you sweat that much, you...
  20. dwsabianguy

    Festival backline playing

    If I'm playing, I'm going to put stuff where I need it to be. I try not to be drastic with adjustments, but at the end of the set I'm the one who was playing, and it's important that I'm able to play what and how I need to play. Any professional sound man will be able to compensate for a lack...