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  1. dwsabianguy

    Sample pads!

    Hey there, With Cygnus X-2 going to the proper trio format within the next couple months, the two string players are investing in synthesizers, and I'm going to have to do the same. So I am officially in the market for one of those, dare I say it, electronic drum pads. The primary use for this...
  2. dwsabianguy

    The Spirit of Radio from the Rehearsal Room

    aka the Spirit of Rehearsal, I guess... The governor of North Carolina removed the mask mandate last week, so we have modified our double-show layup for our appearance on May 29th at the Lincoln Theatre here in Raleigh. Previously, both shows were seated, but since the late show wasn't...
  3. dwsabianguy

    The Police - Synchronicity II Cover

    Somebody traded in a 24" Paiste Rude Ride/Crash to 2112 Percussion, which I've been tapping on for about three weeks, and I decided to buy it and give it a try after my shift on Thursday. For those who don't know, this is the model Stewart Copeland played on the Synchronicity tour, and I've...
  4. dwsabianguy

    Demo of the Walnut Gretsch Bop Kit

    Here's the new (to me, anyway) bop kit I picked up this weekend. Early 70s stop sign badge with those famous 6-ply Jasper maple/gum shells. With fresh Ambassadors, these are some of the most melodic toms I've ever heard. Absolutely spectacular sounding drums. The 16x16 floor tom in this video...
  5. dwsabianguy

    Played on a Japanese Taxi Commercial

    I'm legally bound not to mention any names, but one of my good friends from high school now lives in Tokyo, working for a company who does music consultation for advertising firms. This one needed an all-percussion composition, so I put a couple layers together to try to capture the hustle and...
  6. dwsabianguy

    A Brisk 5/4 Riff Thing

    My buddy Warren, who plays guitar in the Rush tribute, wrote a riff in 5/4, and was asking for drummers to play along with it. He ended up sending me twenty-second-long snippets of two riffs, which I cut and edited together to make a 2-minute long thing.
  7. dwsabianguy

    Ludwig Classic Oak Drumset Demo

    2112 got a big delivery of Ludwig drum kits a week or two ago, and this kit caught my eye as being cool, since there's still some novelty with the Classic Oak, and because the Tennessee Whiskey finish includes a matching interior ply. We're the only drum shop with a storefront left in NC (that...
  8. dwsabianguy

    The Girth Machine aka Playing With Myself 2

    I mentioned in some thread or another that I was building a Marshall plexi clone. The Ceriatone Plexi 51 All Access with a Classictone power transformer and Metropoulos output transformer and choke, to be precise. This thing has a bunch of switches to add or change capacitor values, modify the...
  9. dwsabianguy

    Jacob's Ladder - Full Band Rehearsal

    We're playing a Twitch stream Sunday featuring several long-form Rush tunes, so we had our final rehearsal last night, which I caught on video, and I thought this was about the best we'd played this tune to date, so I posted it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. If you like this, come join us at...
  10. dwsabianguy

    By-Tor and the Snow Dog

    We're doing a Cygnus X-2 stream on December 20th where we play the epic tunes, and I've been wanting to learn this one for ages, so even though it's not twenty minutes we're adding it to the set. Which means I have to learn it! And it's easy enough to make a video, so here it is. It's not the...
  11. dwsabianguy

    Deconstruction and Reconstruction, feat. the SS Cygnus III

    This upcoming Saturday is the Cygnus X-2 Permanent Waves show, and since it's on what would have been Neil's birthday I figure it's proper to take down the faux-Portnoy kit and set up my faux-Neil kit. So I completely disassembled everything on Saturday after some recording work and spent Sunday...
  12. dwsabianguy

    The Big Red Gretsch

    I found this kit while I was up in Carlisle PA peddling wheel striping with my dad. It was on craigslist in West Virginia, and I had a feeling in my gut that it would be worth the detour. These things rule! 10x14, 16x16, 18x18, and 14x24 with my 6.5x14 Black Beauty.
  13. dwsabianguy

    Cygnus X-2 Plays Rush: Next Show Oct 3rd

    Instead of making several separate threads to cover what is, essentially, one topic, I'll just maintain one here. Cygnus X-2 is the Rush tribute group I put together with a few of my favorite local Raleigh musicians. Warren Sharp was the frontman of Stammerings, and we've known each other since...
  14. dwsabianguy

    "Mocktobans" - some homebrew drumbuilding

    This was my first pandemic project! First drums I've made from scratch, too. Made from fiberglass model rocket fuselages, with Tama hoops, DFD lugs, and Gibraltar mounts so I can mount them non-parallel. 13.5, 15.5, 17.5, and 18.875 inches deep. I'm shocked at how much tone these things have...
  15. dwsabianguy

    Various Mallets on the 38" Paiste Symphonic Gong

    My second-to-last gig before the quarantine began was a show in memory of Neil Peart, with proceeds going to a local hospital for brain research. I guess my dad had a new credit card, and in honor of Neil decided to donate to me this 38" Paiste gong. It wasn't supposed to be this big, but this...
  16. dwsabianguy

    Some Ringo grooves on a 64 Black Oyster Ludwig

    If these were normal times, I’d be up at 2112 Percussion on Wednesdays and Thursdays for drum lessons. But since there’s a pandemic happening, I haven’t been doing lessons for a couple of months. Waiting to see a downward trend, and that just isn’t happening yet. But. We still have drums for...
  17. dwsabianguy

    Steely Dan - Aja

    I started transcribing this tune two months ago as a quarantine project and finally got a take I’m happy with!
  18. dwsabianguy

    2112, like, the whole thing, with Cygnus X-2

    We were able to squeeze our show for Neil under the proverbial closing garage door of quarantine season, just before everyone went on lockdown, on March 11th, here in Raleigh, and I asked my dad to take as much video as he possibly could. So we have footage of most of the show! Unfortunately...
  19. dwsabianguy

    The Mars Volta - Drunkship of Lanterns

    I'd asked my friends for songs they'd like to hear me play on a live stream, but I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get anything in stereo without sacrificing a lamb and one of my computer's processors, so I scrapped that idea and just made a regular video. This was the first song...
  20. dwsabianguy

    Self Quarantine with the Gretsch!

    It’s self quarantine season so I’m spending a lot of time at home puttering around. After the Rush tribute efforts earlier this month I decided to set up a four piece of green Gretsch in the studio. Okay, they’re Caribbean Blue. And then I added a 10” tom, then the 13, then an 8...