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  1. Hollywood Jim

    How can I get my singer to follow a set list?

    One band that I occasionally play with has a singer that calls out songs out of order from the song list. He does it in a very professional manner. No problem. But he only tells the guitar players what is next. Me being the drummer, way in the back of the band, can't hear what song he calls...
  2. Hollywood Jim

    Presence of mind when playing

    Well, maybe with your extensive musical background, playing the drums to a song is just too boring for you. Every time I play with a live band I wish I played a different instrument so that I could better entertain the audience. Drums are mostly a support instrument. Very important to the...
  3. Hollywood Jim

    Presence of mind when playing

    Oh OK. Then I am WAY WAY off base. Sorry. .
  4. Hollywood Jim

    Presence of mind when playing

    I’m going to go WAY out on a limb here. And I don’t mean to insult you or be disrespectful to you in any way. I grew up in a musical home. My father was a drummer and my mother was a singer. My sister plays the piano beautifully and my other sister plays the violin. I heard music growing up in...
  5. Hollywood Jim

    What I Like About DW

    Now there's a good idea for the drum kit manufacturers. Let the person who buys the new kit decide what heads will be on the kit when it is delivered. .
  6. Hollywood Jim

    Snare Stand for Tom

    Ooops Sorry. I put the link in my post but it got lost, Go here: Tama Tom Stand .
  7. Hollywood Jim

    Burying the stick in the snare...New Technique?

    You are correct. I should not have been so positive that it WILL cause damage. Everybody's body is different. But I must say that I believe there is a good chance that playing like that on a continuous basis will probably cause damage to most people, in the long run. How's that? Is that...
  8. Hollywood Jim

    Snare Stand for Tom

    This is what I use and I love it ! Because of the arm design I can lay my tom into it and not have to tighten the arms around the tom. Thereby allowing the tom to resonate, preventing choking of the drum. .
  9. Hollywood Jim

    Will binder clips hurt my kick drum hoops?

    Wow this is pretty cool !! Thanks. I must be an old school idiot, I use one of those very thin elementary school music stands. But I need large print on a regular sheet of paper so I can see it. .
  10. Hollywood Jim

    Burying the stick in the snare...New Technique?

    YES. If this guy plays like this all the time, he is going to be sorry he played like this when he gets old. I use this no rebound technique on a few songs. But it's a very gentle soft thing on some slow blues and jazz tunes. It's done to shorten the note/sound of the snare drum. .
  11. Hollywood Jim

    Really bad TV or Movie fake bands

    I watched most of the Billboard Awards on Sunday. I could not find any live bands playing. I noticed that several drummers had what looked like rubber pads on their drums. Very disappointing. At least the Grammy award show had some live performances. .
  12. Hollywood Jim

    Does anybody perform live with 5-ish" snare?

    The band I play with and the venue determine which snare drum I use. I use a 5" all the time. And 6.5" once in a while. In your case I suggest you bring both sizes and have them ready to play so you can switch at a moments notice, if you need to. I'll bet, like many bands, they will get...
  13. Hollywood Jim

    Resources to help improve back beat playing.

    Some very very good comments and helpful ideas in this thread. Yes it is very important to develop a good solid back beat. One thing you have to take into account. When you play live or in rehearsals with other musicians you can't always sound good playing a solid back beat. There have been...
  14. Hollywood Jim

    Do you think,..

    I know the sales people do. I met one from Yamaha through this board. And I got a private showroom tour and a test drive of all of their offerings. .
  15. Hollywood Jim

    Comfortable/ergonomic throne on a budget?

    I started getting a backache during the fourth hour of four hour gigs. I have an Orange County Throne. I purchased a separate clamp-on Gibraltar backrest. It has helped my back pain a great deal. Between songs and during some songs I rest my back on the backrest. .
  16. Hollywood Jim


    In a band setting there is a very important connection between the vocalist and the drummer. The timing and spacing of the words is what creates the melody of the song. Along with the correct pitch of the words. Have you ever played drums with a vocalist that has a very poor sense of timing...
  17. Hollywood Jim

    Gear red flag.

    And this is why I own 7 drum sets.......... .
  18. Hollywood Jim

    Aging out

    I'm almost 72. I write out a chart for the beginning and ending of each song. And I make notes on a few breaks in the songs. And....... ah......... what were we talking about? .
  19. Hollywood Jim

    Sweetwater has never let me down...until today

    Oh gosh. I love banana !! .