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  1. Hollywood Jim

    Homemade Groove Block

    I own an ArtWood Groove block. I love it. It increases the volume of my cross sticking. And it make it easier to lift the stick off the rim. I want more blocks for some of my other snare drums. I did not want to spend the $140 to $200 on a used Yamaha Groove Block. Yamaha Groove Block...
  2. Hollywood Jim

    New Book on Gene Krupa and Slingerland Drums

    There is a new book out all about Gene Krupa and Slingerland Drums. It's a very very detailed book with lots of pictures. Very cool book. It's only digital for now. But it should be available in soft cover soon. FIND IT HERE .
  3. Hollywood Jim

    Benny Greb - Effective Practicing

    New book. I have not read it yet. But it could be interesting and informative. I love listening to Benny talk about playing the drums. .
  4. Hollywood Jim

    How Do I Recreate This Sound?

    The band I'm in will be playing Twilight Zone by Golden Earring. At several places in the song it sounds like the drummer is banging on trash cans. Short drum fills. They actually sound terrible. But they are interesting. What can I use to recreate this sound in a live performance? Maybe a...
  5. Hollywood Jim

    Church Drummer Playing Too Loud?

  6. Hollywood Jim

    Please Invent Something New For Me

    Last night I played my first gig in a long time. I could not figure out where to hang my virus mask. I wore my mask when I was not on stage playing. While I was playing, my mask fell to the ground. Someone please invent a drum set mask hanger. (This is a drum set hardware thread. I hope...
  7. Hollywood Jim

    Find Joy in Playing at the Level You Are Currently At

    I run a weekly open mic jam. I watch a lot of drummers and other musicians play at jams. And I always evaluate their playing. It is hard to not do that. If nothing else I need to know how good they are as I put together groups of players for my jam. I never make negative comments about...
  8. Hollywood Jim

    Tama Big Black Steel Drum Set

    I recently became aware of this all steel shell, limited edition, Tama drum set. Apparently it was released around June of this year. On the YouTube videos I've seen the tone sounds pretty good. (No surprise because Tama would not produce a bad sounding video of their drums.) I want to know...
  9. Hollywood Jim

    Hey Administrators - Advertisements

    Hey Administrators: I understand the need for advertising on the forum. Ads are now showing up in between comments on a thread. That's ok it's not too annoying on my home computer. BUT, on my Iphone those ads in between the comments are so large that I only have a tiny space to view the...
  10. Hollywood Jim

    Drumstick Panic !

    Last Saturday I was working with some contact cement. I got some on my fingers and hands. Alcohol and mineral spirits would not take it off my hands. So I turned to my trusty lacquer thinner. The thinner worked great. However, a couple of hours later I was playing drums at a gig and I had...
  11. Hollywood Jim

    Creepy Circus Drum Set

    Here is my latest creation. A good friend of mine wanted me to create a special drum set for her. She said she liked skulls and evil clowns. But that was all she would tell me. She left the rest up to me. I created this story line: These drums were originally used in the circus band for...
  12. Hollywood Jim

    Evaluating The Playing Of Others

    Being a drummer, when I listen to bands play, I listen closely to the drummer. Without even thinking about it I analyze his or her playing. I try not to judge the drummer’s technique. I try to not evaluate the quality of the drummer’s sound and playing. But it is very difficult to listen...
  13. Hollywood Jim

    My New Civil War Drum Set

    I just finished creating my new drum set. It is a new Slingerland Concert King set I purchased a couple of months ago. It is a 1999 to 2002 NOS (new old stock) drum set. I neglected to photograph the set in its new “before” condition. But it looked like this first picture, except it was brown...
  14. Hollywood Jim

    Could This Be Our Friend Bo?

    I don't know why this just showed up on my Facebook News Feed, but it did. Could this be Bo? I don't see how someone could play the drums with those gloves on?!?!? .
  15. Hollywood Jim

    Base Drum volume. HELP Please talk me down off this ledge.

    I’ve have this idea in my head for a long time and it just won’t go away. I want to jump on this and experiment with this idea. So I thought if I share it with the gang here on this forum, you’ll either talk me out of it or encourage me to experiment with it. Here is my plan: Buy a 22 inch...
  16. Hollywood Jim

    Pain In My Thumb. Oh no, not another one of those threads.

    No this is different. This is what happens when you get old. I’m 69 years old. I’ve been gigging once or twice a month. Last month I picked up a weekly gig every Tuesday night. The muscles in my right lower thumb area started hurting. Very sore. Not when I play but when I open and close...
  17. Hollywood Jim

    Too Much 2 & 4

    I thought I’d share this new “ah ha” moment I had. I was trained to provide the backbeat for the band. When doing a drum fill in the song, the goal was to get back to the 2 & 4 as soon as possible. Always provide the click for the band. When I first started playing the drums in a band, I...
  18. Hollywood Jim

    Pearl Music City Custom.... Whaaaat?

    I was in my local Guitar Center today. I spotted a nice set of drums. Pearl Music City Custom in White Marine Pearl wrap. They had MRV shells, 4-ply Maple with reinforcement rings. They sounded pretty good. Kind of vintage sounding, which I like for my blues gigs. Although they could have...
  19. Hollywood Jim

    Some Things Are Just Too Funny

    This is too funny and it's real. I laughed out loud when I read this: NAMM 2018: Harmonic Hendrix Home Guitars are built out of wood salvaged from Jimi’s childhood home...
  20. Hollywood Jim

    Drum Hardware Configuration Dilemma

    It’s fun to be a drummer! I think drummers have a greater choice in instrument configuration and more available toys than other musicians have. For sure we have a lot more physical “stuff” on stage than other musicians. I play a standard set-up just like you would see in a drum catalog...