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  1. JohnRick

    What is Hip

    Normally busy with recording other stuff, but since I got a DSLR and rigged new OH, I figured it was time to cover some covers just to get it out of the way. Porcaro, Bonham and now Garibaldi. Next up Portnoy, Peart, Weckl and probably some Colaiuta.
  2. JohnRick

    Beyond Bop Drumming - example explanation wanted (legend)

    As per title. Played for 25 years. Been through 25+ books or so. Many twice. In three (or four?) bands/constellations spanning jazz-funk, fusion, progmetal. I liked Riley's first book (The Art of Bop Drumming). I however wonder how to interpret the notation on page 11, line 5 onwards. No trouble...
  3. JohnRick

    Alesis Pro X - still single zone?

    Greetings all Drummerworlders, Normally A Yamaha fanboy, using my DTX 900 daily, but was thinking of getting myself the latest Alesis DM10X-kit and swap for even better triple-ply mesh heads. However: AFAIK the stock hihat and pedal coming with this kit is single zone, and the usual...
  4. JohnRick

    Single full range speaker for a small drum kit live?

    Dears, I play in a few bands - one of those is a trio doing zeppelin/purple/hendrix-covers. Currently using a PA with vox out from the poled monitors, guitar & bass from their respective amps. Only doing smaller gigs < 200 ppl. For these occasions I have a really small portable, unmiced kit...
  5. JohnRick

    OH technique - front to back?

    All, Just finished in the studio, tracking seven progmetal tunes in one go (8 hours). Now, me & the guitarist are sorting the files, but it just now hit me that the engineer chose to OH the kit with one mic in front and one in the back (?). Normally I prefer, and quite frankly assume, that...
  6. JohnRick

    Opinions on 10" hats?

    That's right. I have a smaller club kit and I think I'm going for as tiny cymbals as possible (small venues, matching the kit etc.) Thinking of the Istanbul Mehmet 10" hat. Your opinions on these small bastards in general? Are they playable? Downsides with regards to sounds and actual size?
  7. JohnRick

    Necessity of heel-up when doing single strokes?

    I've been playing for about 20 years, but it's not until the past, 5-6 years I more gravitated towards heel-up to have the broader pallette. I also intend to reach a fair amount of speed on the double pedal. Anyhow: I'm quite familiar with heel-down, heel-up, slide technique and the variations...
  8. JohnRick

    Blushda - lR flam or rL flam in the beginning?

    That's right. Aiming to get the blushda down properly now, but I understand there's a lot of confusion regarding this little figure. Many talks about this being derived from the swiss army triplet (lR-R-L...) and then adding another R to the 2nd triplet which in essence is correct, and is...
  9. JohnRick

    Drums Come True - Online drum tracking service

    Hello All! Would just like your honest opinion regarding the medley/samples on my site, and if there are anything you would change in terms of styles, playing, number of songs etc. Perhaps also layout, and overall look. Intention is to keep it simple: Best, R
  10. JohnRick

    Splash pad options - PCY-10 etc?

    Just purchased a Yamaha DTX900. My previous kit was DTXpress IV. Before that DTXpressII and so forth... Wonder if there are any sweet alternatives to the now discontinued pad PCY-10 which made a wonderful complement as a splash or effect pad. Would like to have a small one tucked in underneath...
  11. JohnRick

    Premier Artist Heritage discontinued?

    As the title implies: I am sitting here in Sweden and being swedish. I wanted this Premier a.h small jazzkit since it came out several years ago, but never went for it then. Is it still possible to get hold of in the UK? Discontinued or not?