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  1. Pyromaniac777

    Anybody selling a bass guitar?

    I'm looking into starting to learn how to play the bass guitar on the side. I only have about $150 at my disposal right now to get started. Do any of you have a bass guitar you're willing to sell for dirt cheap ($50-$100 with shipping)?
  2. Pyromaniac777

    Check out this amazing deal!!!

    I just found this on eBay. AAX stage rides for $138 brand new. Just thought I would let you guys know.
  3. Pyromaniac777

    Kind of homemade cymbal bag dividers

    Hi everyone. I have a cymbal bag that doesn't have dividers. It's just an older basic Sabian one. I was thinking I could just go to the store and get some thin foam sheet and cut them to size, but is there anything else that would be better? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Pyromaniac777

    Union hardware anyone?

    Cascio Interstate Music has their own brand of drums and hardware called Union. They just released it in April I think. I was just looking at their hardware and it is so cheap! It looks pretty decent too. They have a beastly looking snare stand for only $41. And a double chain, solid base-plate...
  5. Pyromaniac777

    Snare rim-click help

    I'll just get right to the point. I have never been able to get a good rim click out of my snare. It just sounds hollow and quiet, no matter where I do it on the drum. I have a cheap Peavey steel snare drum with Evans HD genera dry if that helps. How can I get better rim-click sounds? Could it...
  6. Pyromaniac777

    This video cracks me up I don't know why, but this video gave me a small laugh.
  7. Pyromaniac777

    Recording drums with android phone?

    So I don't really want to get serious with recording my drums, but I would like to just take decent videos of me practicing. I don't really want to buy a usb mic, I would just like to use the mic on the phone. The problem is, I haven't found any video recording apps that have gain adjustment...
  8. Pyromaniac777

    Deal for XS20 splash

    Is $30 a good deal for a 10" xs20 splash? There's a dude on craigslist in my area selling one.
  9. Pyromaniac777

    Pro Drummer Neighbor

    So today after 10 years of living here, I found out that I've been living a block away from a drummer that played professionally for 25 years. Maybe I can convince him to give me lessons.
  10. Pyromaniac777

    This video is fantastic! Jojo Mayer is a beast

    It's so crazy that Jojo Mayer can use the same techniques as Buddy Rich so flawlessly. This is a must watch
  11. Pyromaniac777

    Wow, this is quite the break

    Aside from the cacophonic noises going on in the background, this is pretty funny.
  12. Pyromaniac777

    Sabian AAX styles?

    Would AAX stage hi hats be to bright for big band jazz or blues? Are they pretty versatile for almost any style?
  13. Pyromaniac777

    Guitar Center's used inventory

    So today I got my Zildjian A medium thin 16" crash. I got it barely used on guitar center's used inventory for $69 + shipping. I've seen some amazing deals on there. You guys should seriously check it out. I remember one time I saw a pair of HHX Evolution hats in great condition for like $129...
  14. Pyromaniac777

    Just found a sweet deal

    Hey everyone. So I just happened to find this deal on ebay. Brand new 17" HHX Evolution Effeks crashes for $169. I would get one, but don't have the money...
  15. Pyromaniac777

    Cymbal Breaking paranoia :(

    So as some of you may know, I have just recently gotten a new 16" Armand thin crash. I use it for everything. Rock, funk, jazz, blues, etc. And since I only earn like $50 a month (seriously) I can't afford to break cymbals. I'm just paranoid that I'm going to break it when doing rock. I don't...
  16. Pyromaniac777

    What a steal!!!

    Oh ya. This is such an awesome deal. I'm totally going for it!
  17. Pyromaniac777

    Anyone use Saluda ABI cymbal insurance?

    So I've recently run into an interesting thing on Saluda's website. Apparently they offer an all brand cymbal insurance. I'm thinking about doing this for my 16" Armand because the insurance is only like $30 for 10 years of insurance. Does anyone on here have any experience with this offer...
  18. Pyromaniac777

    I'm at a blockade...

    I just don't know what hi hats to get. I've looked into the HHX Evolutions and they sound great, but I also really like the sound of regular New Beats. New Beats are also considerably cheaper. I play rock, funk, jazz, hip-hop. And I don't really know what type of sound I want. I'm pretty much...
  19. Pyromaniac777

    Music Nomad cymbal cleaner any good?

    Does anyone here use Music Nomad cymbal cleaner? Is it good?
  20. Pyromaniac777

    Which one would you take?

    Would you guys rather take HHX 14" Evolution Hi hats that are in good condition, or HHX 13" Groove Hi hats that are in like new condition when both are the same price?