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  1. evilg99

    Let's see your Remo Colortones !

    Put 'em up! Especially matching resonant bass drum heads! I want to see an orange Colortone on a maple drum kit....or anything! Lots of interesting possibilities...
  2. evilg99

    Sabian - NAMM 2020 - more new Complex models

    I just picked up two of the most exquisite Sabian rides I have ever heard. Got these last week, even before the NAMM announcement . Complex thin rides - in 21" and 22" . Exactly what you would expect, like the Complex medium rides but lighter and lower pitched, a bit more wash but never out of...
  3. evilg99

    Breaking news : Neil Peart dead at 67
  4. evilg99

    Opinion : Is this a strange combination ?

    So I have this orphan satin natural 20" x14" Gretsch Broadkaster bass drum, and then a 10/12/14/16/22 Brooklyn kit. I often play the Brooklyn in a 12/16/22 configuration. So I thought I'd try this combo out - 10" and 14" Brooklyn toms with the BK bass. Of course , they sound fantastic - but...
  5. evilg99

    My latest vintage Ludwig project

    Here I find myself with yet another vintage Ludwig 3 ply 12/15/20 project. See, it all starts with finding a bass drum that I like. This is a 20"x12" marching bass drum (so it has no spurs) in the original green sparkle and small classic lugs. Then I had a 12" tom in blue sparkle (small lugs...
  6. evilg99

    Metal bass drum hoops - not so bad

    So I have this lovely Sonor Vintage 12/14/20/6.5 kit in Black Slate. Been changing heads around a bit, trying stuff out. Liking my usual coated ambassador / emperor on the toms. But I was looking at the bass drum and thought - hey I have this new pair of metal bass drum hoops, painted...
  7. evilg99

    3Ply Re-wrap Green Sparkle project

    Have a few vintage projects on the go, this one’s almost ready. Ludwig early 70’s 3 ply , clear maple interiors, B&O badges and note all the lugs are classic small lugs. Bass drum is a virgin 20x12 - and by virgin I mean no tom mount and no spurs. I think it was either a marcher...
  8. evilg99

    Drinkin' the Stage Custom Kool-Aid

    OK, well no of course I don't need another drum kit. but these showed up in the local classifieds - really good price, so I had to do it. 22x18,10x8,12x9,16x16 Stage Custom Birch in Natural Gloss finish. I had some die casts lying around that I wanted to try on the toms. They sound great...
  9. evilg99

    NDD : My first Rogers (XP8)

    Well, these appeared in my local online classifieds for a good price, so I thought I'd give them a whirl. 12/16/20 Players grade Rogers XP8 shells, the earlier made in USA (by Keller I do believe) all maple shell...first to do an all maple shell I think ? Rogers experts please be gentle, I...
  10. evilg99

    Finally! New Yamaha Recording Custom Wood Snares

    Yamaha has just announced two new Recording Custom Birch snares, 14x8 and 14x5.5 - available in the 4 current finishes (Black, Real Wood, Walnut and Surf Green)
  11. evilg99

    NDD: Gretsch Brooklyn Cream Oyster

    Had this kit on layaway for a bit...changed my mind because I was lusting after a 135th Anniversary kit. Came to my senses because I really didn't want another kit that never leaves the house. Also, wanted a modern kit in these standard 'rock' sizes. I may cut down the kick to a 22x14 in the...
  12. evilg99

    Wood stain on a Fiberskyn !

    Always wanted to have a 'dark fiberskyn' resonant head on certain drum kits...for example, I have a Yamaha Club Custom bop kit in Dark Wood. So I found an old 14" Fiberskyn as a test subject (don't want to ruin a $50 bass drum head in case this doesn't work out. Found this tube of Varathane...
  13. evilg99

    Custom Brooklyn ?

    Wondering if anyone knows if Gretsch will do custom sizes in the Brooklyn line. Thought I saw a custom sized kit on Reverb a while back but not sure. I know USA Customs are kind of ‘whatever you want’ size wise, but ironically can’t order them in Cream Oyster wrap (according to website)
  14. evilg99

    Vintage Yamaha 8000

    Just wanted to start a new thread about these wonderful drums. This is the second set of Yamaha 8000's I've owned, I have 12/13/14/16/22 in real wood. Standard depths including the 22x14 bass drum. Used to have a very odd size kit - 8/10/14/20 in Cobalt Blue and played them exclusively for...
  15. evilg99

    Ludwig Vintage 3ply WMP 12/15/20 complete!

    Bo's thread on finding a thermogloss kit project inspired me to finally dig out my 3ply White Marine Pearl Shells and finish this project. Had all the heads I needed, just needed to thoroughly dismantle and clean everything. So that's what I did yesterday and today. Bass Drum - 20x14 3ply...
  16. evilg99

    Ever manage to 'buy back' gear you wish you hadn't sold in the first place ?

    About 6-7 years ago, I bought a Gretsch New Classic snare - 6.5 x 14" cherry lacquer, die cast hoops. It was a beauty. Don't remember why I returned it or traded it for something else - but always wished a could have that one back. Just before Christmas - I saw a local add for a Gretsch New...
  17. evilg99

    Logo resonant head <-> Roll your Own !

    So I recently picked up a Gretsch USA bop kit , 12/14/18, and then also scored a 20" Broadkaster bass drum in the same natural satin maple as an option. I am absolutely thrilled with the drums - the 18" came with the standard coated white ambassador resonant head with the standard Gretsch USA...
  18. evilg99

    Breaking news : Simon Phillips' home burned down !!

    This from Vic Salazars' Facebook page: VIC’S BREAKING NEWS: It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you of the cancellation of Simon Phillips’ current U.S. tour, including his two Chicago shows @ Reggies this weekend. Unfortunately, Simon’s home in Ventura County, California, burned to the...
  19. evilg99

    Small drums , big gig

    Just to further illustrate my point about 18" bass drums being the right size for some gigs: The gig : Downtown Halifax, NS. Christmas Tree Lighting event. 3500 - ish people outdoors. Temperature is a moderately balmy 57 degrees fahrenheit for this time of year, which I am thankful for. The...
  20. evilg99

    What a difference a hoop makes !

    So I have this Yamaha Vintage Series snare drum, 14x6, maple 4 ply with re-rings, 8 lugs, 30 degree edges. Yamaha's modern version of a vintage snare. I few years ago, I had a set of 8 hole die cast hoops lying around...decided to put them on this drum. Don't remember playing it live or using...