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    Paiste 2002 Big Beats?

    I played several a while back and thought they had a darker, 'smokier' tone than the Giant Beats. Very nice. The only (minor) thing that I didn't care for was how they felt under the stick. To me, they felt a bit more rigid than the 2002s and Giant Beats I compared them with. Anyone else...
  2. J

    Best snare new or used under $300?

    That's exactly how I think of them, too. (y)
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    Best snare new or used under $300?

    And I'm surprised to be the first to mention the Pork Pie BOB. The two cover a lot of ground for little cash, IMO. (y)
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    Video of my 18" Paiste Hats

    I just bought an 18" GB multi a few days ago... and, then I see this thread. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something? :LOL:
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    An Obsessive 18 months of drum gear purchasing And some quick reviews

    I've thought this for a long time, too. Nice to hear someone else say it. (y)
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    Any One Out There Using Diplomat Heads?

    Great on bottoms but never tried them on tops. I'm sure you'd have to change them pretty often.
  7. J

    Overhead mics

    Funny how the classics almost always come out on top. For me, the 57, 441 or 421 would get the nod. If I were short on cash, I'd spend most of my budget on decent overheads/room mics, then pick up some of those Pyle dynamics and a decent kick mic. (y)
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    Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats - 14" or 15"?

    Those sound great!
  9. J

    Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats - 14" or 15"?

    BTW, I think I've actually seen some Giant Beat Sound Edge hats a while back. I believe DCP had some special ordered if memory serves.
  10. J

    Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats - 14" or 15"?

    ^^^ This.
  11. J

    Paiste Help...Signatures vs 2002's

    FWIW, the 24" Giant Beat sounds pretty similar to the Rev Al. (y)
  12. J

    Beyerdynamic vs Lewitt

    No experience with either company's drum mic kits, but Beyerdynamic make some classic mics. I hear good things about Lewitt, too. Looking forward to what you find out.
  13. J

    Slingerlands completed!

    Wow, those are sweet! Congrats :)
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    New mics.

    Yep, I've always thought of the SM7 as a super-57. Sounds great in lots of applications. Try it on kick. Or, better yet, if you have access to a Sennheiser 441, try it. Can be fat and punchy as hell. One of my favs! (y)
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    Superior Drummer 2 connect to TD30k

    I'm not sure if the USB port on the TD-30 module functions as a MIDI interface or not. If not, you'd need a MIDI interface for your computer and set up your DAW to receive MIDI data from it. Hope that makes sense. Yamaha makes a decent wireless one, FWIW. Good luck! (y)
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    New Ludwig "Acro Brass" and "Acro Copper" snares

    Very nice. (y)
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    What about remo drums?

    Yep. It's basically resin injected cardboard, LOL! I worked in the factory for a short time when I was a teenager and they had tubes stacked high that they'd cut to whatever depths they needed for orders. The funny thing is that you could actually get a pretty good sound out of them. Who knew? :p
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    Best Ride cymbal for rock?

    I'd also add the 24" Giant Beat / 2002 Rev Al ride since they live in the same zip code, IMO. (y)