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  1. gutenberg

    New to me: Sonor Delite

    Square-badge Delites in 16x18/9x10/14x14 in Brilliant Champagne lacquer (If anyone has a matching bass drum hoop for it, let me know; I'd like to replace the natural maple gloss batter side)
  2. gutenberg

    DW Collectors Cherry Snare

    just arrived yesterday! DW Collectors Cherry 12-ply 7x14, Natural Gloss Lacquer inside & out hand-signed inside by John Good himself
  3. gutenberg

    Ridiculously huge DW Performance kit

    18x24 bass drum, 12x14 rack tom, 16x18 floor tom Gun Metal Gray Metallic Lacquer Probably gonna cut down the 12x14 to 10x14 (crappy iPhone pic)
  4. gutenberg

    Mapex Meridian Obsidian

    Birch/Maple shells 14x24/8x12/16x16 Volcanic Glass Sparkle wrap
  5. gutenberg

    New Mapex Meridian Obsidian

    New Mapex kit just announced -- traditional sizes of 14x24/8x12/16x16 + optional 7x14 snare, birch/maple shells, Volcanic Glass Sparkle finish. List price is supposed to be only $1099, so store price should be around $700. I'm very excited about this kit! Go to the Mapex site to learn more and...
  6. gutenberg

    My new bass drum head

    handpainted by a local artist
  7. gutenberg

    RIP Dennis Stauffer

    Dennis Stauffer, superb craftsman of Stauffer Percussion, Phattie & Black Label drums, died today in a car crash. He leaves his wife and son Roan. Prayers for the family.
  8. gutenberg

    Finally! My new DW kit is here!

    After 4 months, my new DW Collectors kit just arrived. Went old school with this one : Maple/Mahogany VLT shells, Black Ice FinishPly, 14x22/9x12/16x16, retro rail mount holder. (DW changed their tom arm & leg receivers recently to a cylinderical thing, so here's a pic of it too)
  9. gutenberg

    1969 Ludwig Standards

    Just got this 5-pc. 1969 Ludwig Standard S-330 kit in Gold Strata from a guy in town. 14x22/8x12/9x13/16x16/5x14 After a little clean-up, they look pretty good for being 40 years old! (Back in the day, this kit retailed for about $425 with hardware!)
  10. gutenberg

    New Ludwig Mod Orange Element SE!

    Ludwig's new Element SE kit in reissued Mod Orange 18x22 / 8x12 / 14x14 / 14x16 Cherry/Gum shells
  11. gutenberg

    New C&C Custom snare

    Just got this C&C Custom snare drum: 6.5x14, 8-ply maple, Trick throwoff, 2 vents. Black Glass Glitter with Vintage Marine Pearl inlays!
  12. gutenberg

    New DW Blue Sparkle kit just arrived!

    Collectors Series Maple, Blue Glass FinishPly: -16x24 VLX BD -8x10,9x12 VLT TTs -12x14,14x16 X-Shell FTs all w/3-ply re-rings born May 18 2009
  13. gutenberg

    Used the PDP this weekend

    Had an outdoor gig in 90-degree temperatures, so I decided to pull out the PDP X7s since I didn't care if they got affected by heat/sun/etc. (they didn't) Here's a pic of the setup