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  1. Rattlin' Bones

    Straight or shuffle?

    I often find myself moving from swinging to shuffling and back to swing on same piece quite naturally and without thinking about it...just listening to bandmates. But I never really go from straight time (which I assume is 8ths) to a shuffle.
  2. Rattlin' Bones

    What snare did I just buy??

    You bought a $99 Chinese snare. It is what it is. It's not like you're chasing the Holy Grail Snare lol.
  3. Rattlin' Bones

    Small bass drum driving me nuts

    It may be that 16" depth along with 18" diameter is just something you can not 100% overcome. It's sorta like a can barrel the sound is traveling 16" in an 18" cylinder. That configuration = naturally boomy. My 18x14 DW isn't boomy at all, and neither is my 20x12 DW FF. Maybe you cannot overcome...
  4. Rattlin' Bones

    Burying the stick in the snare...New Technique?

    Playing drums everything goes back to your wrist. Play a 4 hour/ three set list gig and how many vibrations have your wrists taken regardless of how you play.
  5. Rattlin' Bones

    Small bass drum driving me nuts

    Record you playing the kit just practicing by yourself. Get the recording device well away from kit and do minimal closed hi hat and snare. Emphasize kick drum. See what it sounds like.
  6. Rattlin' Bones

    Ludwig Standard Kit

    Yes the sound is killer. The place we practice has a beat up Standard kit. The tom mount is ripped out of the rack tom so there's a hole there. The heads are way old and stretched and beat up. The thing sounds killer. I get the most amazing and beautiful notes out of the toms. I can tune it...
  7. Rattlin' Bones

    Concert toms

    What makes you think that? Resurgence as in more new concert toms being offered for sale? I don't see that trend.
  8. Rattlin' Bones

    Having a hard time

    Heavy working cover band isn't a band I would want to be in. Does this sorta band actually appeal to you? Like it will be fun? I think you're better than relegating yourself to a cover drummer/singer in a heavy working cover band.
  9. Rattlin' Bones

    TJS Custom Snares

    Anybody know of or play TJS snares? They have some killer prices on them on eBay, but no details as to snare throw or shell thickness or bearing edges etc. I have eye on the 10-ply models. Also are the shells handmade by them, or are they Keller shells? You know - I need all the details one...
  10. Rattlin' Bones

    Bass drum out of a dryer tumbler?

    Would hold up for gigging, but I'd need to hire a crew to move it around. If you have enough idle time you can build anything no matter how useless.
  11. Rattlin' Bones

    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    How many of these, in OP's criteria, qualify as "never hit the ride cymbal, only crash a few times, rest of the time just play the money beat as straight as an arrow."
  12. Rattlin' Bones

    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    12 bar blues always give me a break in our set list. Very predictable patterns vocals usually 2 verses then I fill to instrumental solos etc. back to more vocal verses. Repeat as needed. Fun. Audiences love the blues. easy to play there isn't anything expected of me except to...
  13. Rattlin' Bones

    Tell me of your top snares Usul

    Early 1970's I'm marching in drumline playing snare. Premier. Gut snares top and bottom. That's what EVERY drumline either played or lusted after.
  14. Rattlin' Bones

    Best snare new or used under $300?

    Yes again. Used Acro. Can lock thread now lol.
  15. Rattlin' Bones

    Hoping for help on the value of a Rogers drum set.

    They do have Rogers script badges!
  16. Rattlin' Bones

    Chicago Drum Co

    I found that Sakae Trilogy snares are exactly the sound you're after. They are on eBay and Reverb you can find them even though Sakae is not making drums anymore. New so there are no hardware or snare throw issues. I'm with you on that, too: don't want an old Ludwig throw to fail at a gig.
  17. Rattlin' Bones

    Can you tune my Jazz Fest like this?

    I tune my snares to sound pretty much like that recording, and do most of my snare tuning between the reso head and the snare wire tension. I tune the batter last and really for the feel of it and bounce - once I get reso+snares about where I want I then loosen/tighten batter until I have just...
  18. Rattlin' Bones

    Can you tune my Jazz Fest like this?

    I do not agree. I don't hear much muffling. I hear ringing and nice old-school sound. I don't hear a tight controlled sound or any muffling. If that's the sound OP wants, if you use gel or a wallet or muffle you'll loose that sound in the recording. I think you get that sound from an old drum...
  19. Rattlin' Bones

    What's your plans with your current DW drums?

    Yeah, not sure a DW FF is really worth $1,400 new. Sell kit snare from it and you're still out $1,200. That's about what I paid for my new DW Performance kit, which is made in USA when it was a really buyers market and retailers were severely discounting inventory to just move merchandises and...
  20. Rattlin' Bones

    What's your plans with your current DW drums?

    I rate them A+ # 1 of all bop size kits I tried, and I tried a lot. The Sonor AQ were quite heavy. The Mapex I tried was heavy, too. Well made and sounded good, but weighed a ton. Tama bop kits were junk (and I normally like Tama drums). Smaller Ludwig kits sounded like I was playing on...