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    LCD burning out?

    Has anyone seen the LCD display on their module start to burn out? Sometimes it gets to the point where I’m not able to read it. This drum module is about 15 years old.
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    Options for Recording Roland V Drums

    Hello, I have a Roland TD-20 set, with a TDW-20 expansion card. I bought this stuff new years ago in the 2000's. Amazing how fast time goes by. I still enjoy practicing on it. Anyway, during this pandemic, our band wants to record a few songs. The person who knows the most about this, the...
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    Looking at the future...

    Yeah, no one has a crystal ball. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the future. Our band played a mix of cover material...ranging from Journey, to Eddie money, to KC and the sunshine band, to Bruno Mars, to wild cherry, to Lady Gaga…But probably the majority of the tunes being 70s...
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    Taking a break from drumming

    I have been playing drums since the age of 12. I’m now 51. I’ve been gigging since the age of 14. My profession is that of database administrator in an IT department which has its stresses. The drums have been my passion and fun outside of the family and profession. I haven’t picked up a...
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    One less tom/cymbal - stripping down kit

    I’ve been experimenting with trimming down the kit. Took off the china cymbal and the the 12” rack Tom. I use a second closed hihat quite a bit. So obviously removing the Tom allowed me to place things so much more comfortably. I was also able only have to carry 2 cymbal stands and one boom...
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    Doooooo! Audience loves it!

    So I have a Roland TM module so I can trigger some claps, congas, timbales, and special affects. One of the effects is a "doooooo" syndrum type sound that you hear on No Doubt's "Hella Good." I found a a wave file with a similar sound, and loaded it into my TM, and hit the "doooo" sound on...
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    Making a drumming video with electronic drums

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience making videos of yourselves playing the drums? Particularly where you have the main video of yourself, and then also another simultaneous video that shows your feet. I've seen this...where at parts of the video it also shows a separate picture at the same...
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    Default Flams/triplets/quads - left hand first?

    Hey all, I'm used to "right hand first" when it comes to a flam. Same with triplets between the floor tom, rack tom and bass drum. "A Bonham triplet?" Or, with a quad between the floor tom, rack tom, and bass drums. For the triplets, what I've been doing is to play the first note of the...
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    Flams/triplets/quads - left hand first?

    Please delete. I put this post in the wrong place. Thanks.
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    Extreme Volume

    Been having an issue with the bass in our band being too loud. I love a loud (to a point) bass, but this guy is the loudest I've played with. No one else has an issue with it. He sets up to my left, and his amp is on my left. The guitar player is on HIS left. I've mentioned this multiple times...
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    non-specific criticism

    You’ve played a song with the band exactly the same way you’ve played it a hundred times. The singer tells you the “groove is a little questionable.” I listen to the recording and can find nothing wrong with it. This is the same singer that’s complimented me many times. I ask what the issue...
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    Fixing Tempo Problems

    I guess I haven't learned my lesson...that in a live performance, the tempo you THINK is right can be WAY too fast when listening back to the gig. Some of the songs I've counted off are too fast, some that the guitar player has started are too fast, and the ones the keyboard has started have...
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    Bass drum mic picking up Toms

    At the gig on Friday night the the sound guys mic’d the bass drum along with two overheads. When I hit the bass drum, you would hear the toms resonate. I don’t think this is anything new with my kit. I brought moongel and put a piece on each batter head. Apparently this was not...
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    More Drummer Dreams

    I've seen some threads about things going wrong with your drums or whatnot. Last night, I had a dream that I was at a gig and I was supposed to playing the bass, not drums, and I don't play the bass. I had the bass in my hands, and was wondering how the hell I was going to play Chic's "Good...
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    Busted snare side head at gig...spare heads/parts

    So, when setting up for the gig at a yacht club list night, I see that the snare side head is broken. In playing gigs for over 35 years, this has never happened to me. I don't even know HOW the snare side head broke between the gig last week and last night. None of my toms are 14" so I couldn't...
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    Cymbal Mounting

    For those of you who use a tom mount on their bass drum (gasp!) how many of you use the aux mount for a cymbal? So, say you have 2 toms mounted the bass drum, and then that aux mount for a cymbal? Can any of you share a pic, or describe what you're mounting? I have a china mounted there. Very...
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    Paiste 2002 / Paiste Ride Cymbal bells / hats

    Hi, So I've been using mostly Paiste 2002 cymbals for a long time now. My 16 and 18 2002 crashes are wonderful, and it's hard to imagine ever switching. I used them for rock, R&B, funk, disco, etc. My 22 2002 ride is a great cymbal, but I've always struggled with the bell being too small...
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    Our dance band was hired as background music

    So we were hired to play in the backyard of a mansion. They apparently have a band they are each year at the end of summer. We are a dance band, playing a mix of disco, funk, classic rock, some top 40. This was a decent paying gig, for playing three sets from 7 PM to 10 PM. The lady told us...
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    Color Matching Snare Drums to kit

    Hi, I could use a color matching suggestion. I have a DW Performance set in Titanium Sparkle finish, which looks like this: I really like the sound of my DW performance snare, which is 6.5 x 14. I want to buy a...
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    Funky Bad Ass Solo and early beatboxing

    “Yes we Can” with the Pointer Sisters and Gaylord Birch — wow! Solo starts at 3:04. I’m guessing from the early 70s? And didn’t even know there was beatboxing back then.