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  1. Rattlin' Bones

    TJS Custom Snares

    Anybody know of or play TJS snares? They have some killer prices on them on eBay, but no details as to snare throw or shell thickness or bearing edges etc. I have eye on the 10-ply models. Also are the shells handmade by them, or are they Keller shells? You know - I need all the details one...
  2. Rattlin' Bones

    What I Like About DW

    The heads you get with a new DW drum kit. Lots/ most of other brands you get cheap inferior heads and you gotta count on spending $50 a drum to replace with serviceable heads. Not DW. You get excellent quality heads. You even get pillow devices inside the kick drum you can use if you want to...
  3. Rattlin' Bones

    Throne Design Flaw

    I wanted to try a new throne. The place we practice has a simple cheap round throne, but I seem to be able to generate more power and balance myself better on it than my Roc-n-Soc. I dunno - it at least seems that way. So I ordered a Tama "Standard" Throne. I thought I would like the memory...
  4. Rattlin' Bones

    Do Any Drummers NOT Use a Kick Drum

    Just wondering if any drummers, either people on this forum or gigging drummers you've seen or know about, play without a kick? Use just a snare, tom(s), ho-hats, and ride maybe?
  5. Rattlin' Bones

    Rim Height and Rim Shots

    I'm always tweaking and trying things out, with goal of improving my gig and recording performances. A lot of pieces we're playing now in our band need rimshots. I am finding that the higher the rim the harder it is to do rimshots. Like my vintage keystone badged Acro has a really shallow rim...
  6. Rattlin' Bones

    Tama Experts - Badge With No Serial Number

    Even the new Tama I see serial numbers - so what are these???
  7. Rattlin' Bones

    Canopus or DW

    I'm looking for a high-quality bop size kit for jazz gigs in 2021 and beyond (I get my first vaccination Feb. 8 I already have appt). I am really digging the Canopus Yaiba and the DW Performance bop size kits. I have heard both in person. Pretty much just the sound I want from both. And I can...
  8. Rattlin' Bones

    Why Is This Ludwig Classic Maple So Cheap? Is it because he listed as "Ludwig Shadow" Because it's missing small rack tom? It's still a 3 piece Ludwig Maple in what looks like lovely condition with reasonable shipping $$$ - so why isn't it listed over $1,000?
  9. Rattlin' Bones

    TAMA SC145 Stewart Copeland Brass Snare

    Were any of these made in Japan?? If so, how can you identify them?
  10. Rattlin' Bones

    Ringing Metal Snares Tuning and Heads

    Yes it is all about choice of heads and subtle tuning choices. I've gone through several aluminum snares. Latest is really cool Canopus aluminum with Yaiba sword lugs. I'm gaining a real affinity for Japanese-made snares. I now have an older vintage Tama, a new Sakae Trilogy (with rings) and...
  11. Rattlin' Bones

    Buyers Market

    Great deals are out there. Easier to find than ever. I just received this 1967 (date stamp+serial number) Ludwig Acrolite. Original snare wires and reso head. Original snare throw works flawlessly. Baseball bat muffler perfect and with original felt. Even has the old drum key. Shell is almost...
  12. Rattlin' Bones


    It says made in Japan? Is it a newer oak snare, or older? Most Yamaha is now made in Taiwan or somewhere other than Japan, so just what is this? And are they high quality? Sound characteristics?
  13. Rattlin' Bones

    Why So Many DW B-Stock Brass Collector Snares Now On Sale?

    Maybe this isn't anything new and and I missed it earlier, but seems a whole lot of DW Collector Brass snares are being sold at sale prices right now. A lot of B-stock hitting the market right now. Did DW get a batch of poorly finished brass snares and unloaded them at rock bottom prices to...
  14. Rattlin' Bones

    What Is This Black Beauty Model

    It has olive badge (Made in USA) and a rather ornate throw. Is this a special issue Black Beauty???
  15. Rattlin' Bones

    Is It The Player or The Cymbal?

    Love how this cymbal sounds for jazz genre. But is it the player or the cymbal? Great video and great demo of cymbal.
  16. Rattlin' Bones

    Modern Turkish Cymbals That Do Vintage Jazz Sound

    By vintage I mean 40's-50's early 60's jazz. I have a few Zildjian A's from 40's and 50's but they all have flaws keyholes or dents and such. Some pretty bad. And I want a very light 22" ride but finding a vintage very light Zildjian 22" in good condition is tough. 2400 grams in a 22" cymbal...
  17. Rattlin' Bones

    Sonor Ferromanganese Snare

    I have been looking for a snare to record with and play at gigs: minimal ring with a bit-of-bling. I found a mint Sonor Ferromanganese D-500 10 lug model for around $375 and bought it. I looked at Oriollo's aluminum and ferromanganese but some of the used models were still well over $500...
  18. Rattlin' Bones

    Oriollo Ferromang Snare - Opinions?

    Anyone use an Oriollo Ferromang Snare for recording? It's steel, but I know the old Sonor Ferromanganese snares are supposed to be dry and can be tuned at any tension and sound great. I'm looking for a snare for recording that doesn't ring much and has no obnoxious overtones, and was wondering...
  19. Rattlin' Bones

    Least Ringy Snare Drum for Recording

    I go into studio with my snare drum for recording with our band and engineer gets ringy sounds from snare. It's an expensive Sonor snare tuned well with Amb batter. Tried Moongel and gaffer/ duct sorta tape. Finally settled on my wallet which was a PITA cause it bounces and moves lol. Not a...
  20. Rattlin' Bones

    Does Anyone Actually Gig with A&F Kits and Snares?

    Honest question. I myself would find it hard to justify the cost of buying an A&F kit or snare and use it for playing out. Besides the high cost, they just don't seem practical. Everything that goes into a "modern" drum to ensure it stays in tune as long as possible and is resilient seems to be...