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    Daru Jones PDP New Yorker

    Hi Has anyone had experience in playing one of these kits? Are they loud enough for anything other than acoustic gigs? Do they pack a punch? There is one about an hour and half drive from me so need some info before I go. I'll be playing generic covers, nothing too heavy. I'm looking for a...
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    Advice please

    will do. Apparently it started life as a dtx500k. he bought he the snare and the module, then upgraded the cymbals, then the toms. But never changed the rack.
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    Advice please

    bought it. Yay!!
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    Advice please
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    Advice please

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    Advice please

    love them mate but outside of my budget unfortunately. are the millenniums really that bad?
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    Advice please

    Sorry, meant XP70
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    Advice please

    Change the pads for TP70's....where can I find them at a decent price?
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    Advice please

    Looking at them in the morning dude
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    Advice please

    Great advice and info, I really appreciate it. I'm near Peterborough and my budget is £500. I can't travel too far though. See any other kits on Ebay that would be good in budget?
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    Advice please

    Yeah, saw that. Bit too far. There is a DTX522k i'm looking at tomorrow. With throne, bass pedal and amp. £500 Is it worth travelling for the DTX532? Just for a hi hat stand?
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    Advice please

    Why not the Millenium? Hi hat stand, more pads, extra cymbal.
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    Advice please

    Thanks for your input. I like the sizes and extra pad and crash of the Milleniuim but realise it won't be as good quality as the Yamaha, but would look more the part if gigging with it.
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    Advice please

    Hey y'all I'm after an electronic kit to get back into playing drums after a lay off. Mainly for home practice/recording but would like to gig with an 80's band. My budget is £500, Local to me on an auction site are; Yamaha DTX522K Roland TD6v Alesis Crimson Mesh or I can order the...
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    Can someone give me info about this pedal. Age? A or X model? Do I need a hex key? Any good?
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    Dark or Bright

    Hey After a 2 year hiatus I am back in the game. Just scored myself some lovely DW Frequent Flyers for a bargain price. First time I have had a maple kit, so whats the norm to go with them, bright or dark. Then there is the whole 14/16/18/20 or 15/17/19/22 debate. Thoughts please ;-)
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    1 crash

    Hey peeps Show me your 1 crash setups with full details on cymbals used. Please. ;-)
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    Vic grip etc

    Hey Anyone give me some user feedback on the vic grip sticks or equivalent from other manufacturers. Thinking of giving them a try. Also what companies sticks are not as laquered as the vic firths? Cheers
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    Which one?

    Hi I am gonna buy a second hand kit today. There are a choice of 2 locally to me that I'm interested in. Mapex pro m stomp £250 24x18 13x10 16x16 Or Pearl export £175 10x8 12x9 14x12 22x16 I will be playing in a soul type band. Will the size of the pro m be overkill for everything...
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    1 crash or 2?

    Hey y'all After a little time out from drummer my inhave just on caked myself a new kit up. 1 up 1 down. 22x17 bass. I like the stripped down nature as its easier on my back to carry as had a 22x22 beast of a bass drum before. My question is .....shall I go 1 crash or 2. I have some new...