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  1. xopethx

    =My new drum room!! Kit and gear pictures galore=

    Hey everybody! I moved from Florida to Boston, MA about 3 weeks ago (everyone tells me i'm crazy, why would i move in the middle of December!!!), but i've got a great job and an awesome location just north of the city. I'm only about a 10 minute drive in normal traffic to downtown Boston, but...
  2. xopethx

    Two new videos! some fusion/funk, and some more Opeth!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I last posted any recordings, that's because I've been taking care of everything regarding my relocation to Boston next week! I snagged a sweet job with an IT Consulting company downtown, and it's been hell trying to find a house to rent in late November...
  3. xopethx

    I'm moving to Boston!!

    Hey guys! I've been swamped lately so I haven't had much of a chance to surf/post around here... but i've been the GOOD sort of busy! I just landed a job with iCorps, a large IT Consulting firm in Charlestown (just north of downtown Boston), and they want me to start December 1st. I might...
  4. xopethx

    Guess who I saw play last night!

    The one and only Keith Carlock! I actually flew up from Ocala, Florida to New York City yesterday specifically for the Wayne Krantz, Carlock, and Tal Wilkenfeld show at 55 Bar. I'd honestly say it was the most absorbing, awe-inspiring set of tunes i'd ever seen performed. Carlock's playing was...
  5. xopethx

    Two new videos! Random Grooves, and an Opeth playalong

    Hey everybody :) I changed all my heads out the other week (to clear ambassadors/emperors), and i made a few recordings to see how it sounded, and to critique my playing! (it's very depressing to do this) Anyway, this first video is a collection of grooves I played during one of my...
  6. xopethx

    Great pictures, and a few new additions!!

    Hey everybody!!! I've been swamped lately with work and life in general, but i've had enough time to take care of a few things :) I'm continually optimizing my setup and trying new things, and practicing of course, and last week i worked up the motivation to cut down two more cracked cymbals...