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    Daru Jones PDP New Yorker

    Hi Has anyone had experience in playing one of these kits? Are they loud enough for anything other than acoustic gigs? Do they pack a punch? There is one about an hour and half drive from me so need some info before I go. I'll be playing generic covers, nothing too heavy. I'm looking for a...
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    Advice please

    Hey y'all I'm after an electronic kit to get back into playing drums after a lay off. Mainly for home practice/recording but would like to gig with an 80's band. My budget is £500, Local to me on an auction site are; Yamaha DTX522K Roland TD6v Alesis Crimson Mesh or I can order the...
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    Can someone give me info about this pedal. Age? A or X model? Do I need a hex key? Any good?
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    Dark or Bright

    Hey After a 2 year hiatus I am back in the game. Just scored myself some lovely DW Frequent Flyers for a bargain price. First time I have had a maple kit, so whats the norm to go with them, bright or dark. Then there is the whole 14/16/18/20 or 15/17/19/22 debate. Thoughts please ;-)
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    1 crash

    Hey peeps Show me your 1 crash setups with full details on cymbals used. Please. ;-)
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    Vic grip etc

    Hey Anyone give me some user feedback on the vic grip sticks or equivalent from other manufacturers. Thinking of giving them a try. Also what companies sticks are not as laquered as the vic firths? Cheers
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    Which one?

    Hi I am gonna buy a second hand kit today. There are a choice of 2 locally to me that I'm interested in. Mapex pro m stomp £250 24x18 13x10 16x16 Or Pearl export £175 10x8 12x9 14x12 22x16 I will be playing in a soul type band. Will the size of the pro m be overkill for everything...
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    1 crash or 2?

    Hey y'all After a little time out from drummer my inhave just on caked myself a new kit up. 1 up 1 down. 22x17 bass. I like the stripped down nature as its easier on my back to carry as had a 22x22 beast of a bass drum before. My question is .....shall I go 1 crash or 2. I have some new...
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    Date this ping ride

    Hi Can anyone help in dating this ping ride?
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    a little advice - hats and ride

    Hey y'all I have been offered a pair of vintage hihats and ride and want your opinion as they are the other end of the U.K from me and i cant get to hear them before buying. The hats are original zildjian 14" quickbeats and the ride is a original zildjian 20" ping ride. Both in great...
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    Hey I have been asked by my brothers band to dep for them this Saturday. Gotta learn 37, 60s classics by then. Doable?
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    Tom question

    How guys I have a mapex pro m kit The toms I have at the moment are 12" rack Tom and 16" floor Tom. I am looking for a matching 14 or 18 tom to go with it but all I can find is a 13"... Who runs with a 12 up and 13 and 16 down? Cheers.
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    Hey y'all Just ordered a 19" zultan aja crash. Will let you know what I think of it.
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    advice please

    Hey y'all I'm after a 3rd crash to go with my 16" alchemy pro and my 18" bosphorus fast crash. My question is... Do I get one smaller than the 16...maybe a 15 or... Larger than the 18? I play in 2 bands.. One is a rock/pop covers band and the other is a shoegazing original band ala...
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    mapex raptor direct drive

    Hey guys I have been using a iron cobra for the last 6 months and no matter what settings I have it on I can't get on with it It feels clunky and sluggish I used to use a premier 252 which like the ic is a big pedal but was a joy to play.. Fast.. Sensitive. I have just ordered the raptor...
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    my new cymbals

    hi y'all i have just been to the local drum shop and have basically swapped my complete sabian aa medium cymbal setup for an array of different cymbals. i got some dream energy 14"hihats 16" istanbul agop pro alchemy medium crash 18" bosphorous gold fast crash and a turkish 22" jazz...
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    sub £550

    Hey I'm looking to get an electronic kit in the region of £550 What to go for? I like the look of the traps e500 but after doing reviews looks like the quality is substandard. Any suggestions please.
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    portable audio recorder

    Hi y'all merry Christmas. I have been given £100 of Amazon vouchers. I want a portable audio recorder to record our band rehearsals. We are a 5 piece rock band but at reherasals I use a yamaha dtexreme electronic kit. Looks like my budget will stretch to... zoom h1 or tascam dr05 the...
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    Hi I am getting back into drumming after a little lay off. I am buying a mapex pro m kit which comes with the following sabian cymbals 14 regular hats 16 aa medium crash 20 aa medium ride I want a 18 crash to compliment these. I have been looking at aax 18 xplosion crash. Would this...
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    odery inrock kit

    hi guys n gals has anyone had any experience playing the odery inrock kit? i cant find a review anywhere?!? cheers dudes