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    Kit arrived late, and damaged, what to expect now?

    So Fed Ex decided to ship my drums all over making them arrive late, then noticed the cracked shell :( This is on the bottom of the floor tom, I have emailed sweetwater and this late on a Saturday they are closed till Monday. Anyone have a clue if I will have to pack the entire kit back up and...
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    Tama Starclassic or DW Performance?

    I know many have helped me learn a ton of info and I appreciate it. I want a virgin bass, prefer to buy from this retailer as they are only 2 day shipping :) I am down to these two, the DW set would come with a 22X14 Bass. DW Pros are American made, easy access to add ons and drums at...
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    Tom mounting options?

    Do you prefer mounting Tom's to Bass or stand? Does any company stand above the rest with mounting hardware?
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    What size kick for rock / pop?

    Will be playing mostly Classic Rock / Pop and thinking 22 X 18" would be a good choice and seems to be the most popular but can't find that much information on this subject.
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    Picking a 5 piece 22" shell pack?

    I am absolutely loving this forum, thanks to all who post. Doing the research is half the fun, and I looking to get back into drumming after a long break. I have been doing some DJing and have a lot of Gibraltar hardware and mounting options I used for my controllers and cdj's, so mounting...
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    Best Kit for $2000

    NewB Alert, sorry if this has been asked but did not see it. After a long break in drumming, I am thinking about getting back into it. I am thinking about spending $2000 total and will buy cymbals and hardware separate so looking for best bang for the buck on shells. I know customizing is...