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    One up and one down set up

    Having had a 10 piece (plus 2 hats, ride, china and 2 crash) to play bash as a kid, as I've recently gotten into properly playing drums I have opted to add only as I need. I'm now 18 months in on my electric kit and have only assigned samples to: Kick (okay, I have 2, but I could just use my...

    Gear red flag.

    As with the application for many jobs, your standards shouldn't change -e.g. I'll take male or female back of house staff but only female front of house staff? Thats sexist. You don't have a different set of standards for equatable roles, beyond actual ability. So, what gear would you expect...

    Looking for some kind of visual metronome slave unit

    It can help, especially getting into weird counts and poly rhythms. E.G I've been working on a beat at present that is playing 1, 3, 5, 7 out of a count of 11 (played as a 32nd note hendecupelet within a 4/4 beat at 100bpm) Making it not sound like a triplet XxxX--XxxX-- and nor a 6/8...

    TD-17 Questions

    Hmm, weird no one's photo'd the bottom on any sites I can find it, if the bottom in this case is a relevant part instead of the usual nothing-worth-photoing, but okay! Thanks for the answer, puts my mind at rest....

    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    The ableton forum. Used to be really useful, but I can open up my profile page and almost every 'recent' post I have made has 0 replies. It's just talking to an empty room, except there's loads of people there....

    What's your latest purchase?

    Just waiting on a TD-17 brain to arrive from Germany.

    TD-17 Questions

    Hi all! I've ordered (waiting for it to arrive) a Roland TD-17 Drumbrain as an upgrade on the Yamaha DTX500 (which seems to hate MIDI?!). It looks to me like the model one of my old drum teachers used, and I was always very impressed with it. Anyway, I'm looking at it and can't see many...

    How to practice rudiments efficiently?

    This old battered thing is 100% left hand heavy although don't believe Gene was? Good exercises though, my old house mate brought it back for me while we were at uni, from his guitar shop where someone had dumped it... Think about what you're doing....I remember my paradiddles were pretty...

    Double bass technique

    Is that to say with your right foot you can only play 8ths at 120? I suspect that isn't the case, so not only is the question, as answered above, about speed, but its about ambidexterity with your feet. Remember when you just began drumming and you learnt your first roll and the right hand was...

    How do you....use a book?! (seems silly but its really bugging me!)

    This kinda thing isn't going to sit on one of these: : That is not a bad idea actually...all my binder-book things are so heavily annotated. Will have to wait until I'm back at work of course. Still, find it hard to believe the best advice for this is making a copy. Hell if I was paying for...

    How do you....use a book?! (seems silly but its really bugging me!)

    So I got my first drumming book the other day - the emphasis there on book. Every physical "book" I've used before was pages on a binder of some sort that you could happily turn pages 360 degrees and open it anywhere, or generally I use the iPad with pdfs/videos etc. So I got my first book...

    Latest Purchase...Non-percussion

    Quite certain, at the potential cost of the tools, that any of the above could be put to percussive use. Just sayin!

    Drumming and martial arts

    So as a very recent development I've joined a mauy Thai club, and over the last couple of months have been really getting into it, and today a new guy joined our group, also a drummer, and the teacher specifically noted how we both have far better punches than anyone else he works with...

    What's your latest purchase?

    Of all parts of a kit that's the bit that needs protecting..? There's so much exposed metal and yet that one bits needs some extra protection? Not saying your wrong, just seems a bit bizarre. Why not sheath the legs? The cymbal stands? Etc...

    What's your latest purchase?

    Comfiest thing I've ever sat on! Would replace every chair in my house and bar (work) with them if I could!! Seriously it really feels good. Secure, stable, no pressures on lower back or anything which I was getting on other stools. Only thing - and this is a question rather than a...

    Today I learned that the world is round.

    Well if you gain great enough altitude above the cymbal I'm sure you can prove it's flat....

    Drums and the Significant Other

    You just need to get H.R. Giger to make drum stands like Jonathoan Davis's mic stand.....

    Drums and the Significant Other

    My wife and I have a two bed flat - we sleep in the "front" room (no need for guests!) and have a work room each. Hers (and most of the rest of the apartment) is full of her PhD books, clothes and perfumes (and raw ingredients for perfumes, she makes them) and some more books, and some towering...

    Guesstimate on kit value?

    I'd guess around £1000+ - in the UK, so whatever the exchange is sounds more or less around where people are saying. The issue with the pandemic I'd think is most people who decided to take up the drums, already have! You might find there's people who've given them a go for a year and have...

    Is there a known bpm limit to how fast a drummer can play?

    A long time ago now, I thought I'd be a genius and replace talent with more gear, that common amateur mistake, so I bought 2 of these: Didn't go according to plan, basically the cam release on the second beater makes for an "and" hit, so with one foot you play 1, 2, 3, 4 and get 1&2&3&4&...