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    Meeting Uncle Larry

    Did you make sure your drums were visible to jumpstart the conversation?
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    Eric Clapton US tour

    Wouldn’t mind catching him live. Maybe there’ll be dates added for other parts of the country.
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    Tim "Herb" Alexander?

    I saw Primus a handful of times back in the 90s and was always blown away. Gonna see them in September on their Tribute to Kings tour. Always loved their sound and especially the sound of Herbs drums. He was my introduction to Pork Pie drums! Hopefully Herb is doing well this time around...
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    Choose between 8 inch Tom or 14 floor

    I’d get the 14”. It’s more useful unless you’re doing a bunch of Neil Peart fills where you want the percussive 8” sound. If you like both, the ideal thing is to get both. I have an 8” and 14” and love em both.
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    Ludwig Standard Kit

    Thanks for clarifying. There always seems to be a standard set or two in my area for sale. Maybe I should snag a cheap one and do a little refurbishing to make a great players set.
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    Ludwig Standard Kit

    What differentiates the standards from the classics and super classics?
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    Evans EMAD Coated or GMAD for Deep-Sounding 22" Kick(Batter)?

    I used the clear emad for a long time and really liked it. Switched to aquarian SKII and wasn’t blown away…then I added an Aquarian regulator reso head and holy crap I love it. It’s not overly muted like I expected…very warm sounding with great resonance. Thought I’d put that out there as an option
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    Which Tom?

    I use the 12 because it's the one I use most.
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    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    The cheaper birch kits I think you have in mind are cheaper sets in general. It's not the wood in any's that these are lower end drums and the price reflects the set as a whole. Have you checked out any videos of the birch/walnut starclassics? Different finish, but here's a demo and...
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    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    The birch walnut shells are terrific...they're warm and punchy with great low end. These are mid range in price quality, sound quality and hardware is as good as anything out there.
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    Having a hard time

    I'd work on it and get the best version you can for now. Bring a drum machine if you have one and do it both ways with the band if they're open to it. If they have musical acumen you should be able to explain why this is a challenge while drumming. Ultimately, its about how the song sounds as...
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    Tama Starclassic (W/B) a good upgrade from a Pearl Decade?

    I’ll echo everyone else and say the Tamas are a big upgrade. The wood type is only one factor in the sound of the drums so I wouldn’t worry about it. In terms of sound the Tamas are going to be fuller and darker than the decades. (I haven’t owned either but have played both) Shop around for...
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    Bo Swanger Snare

    I've been on the lookout for a copper snare drum for maybe a couple of years and finally pulled the trigger on this one from Bo Swanger who is in the Seattle, WA area. This thing sounds and feels fantastic. To my ears, its like the drum child of a Copperphonic and DW's copper snare. It has...
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    Is the Ludwig Supralite snare an "upgrade" over a Yamaha Stage Custom steel snare

    Well I'm thinking of getting a Supralite. I've been hemming and hawing about a Supra, but don't need one and didn't want to spend the cash on it.
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    $7,000 Glass drum kit

    Oh...I remember reading about these. I don't know about the bass drum and toms, but the snares got good reviews.
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    What are the simplest songs you play that you love?

    Fortunate Son was the first song I thought of, but I had no idea Seger did a version. I gotta find it...I already hear his voice singing it in my head.
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    WFLIII construction change

    That's a quick and great response from WFLIII. I wonder if it was actually Bill? I really like the sound of their drums. I've seen them in person and they sound, look and feel great.
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    Why so many drum products are out of stock

    I've had luck ordering heads and sticks directly from manufacturers. I don't know what manufacturers have that option, but I use Aquarian heads and Regal tip sticks, both of which will sell direct.
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    Any experience with Q Drum Co.?

    I don't have any personal experience with Q, but both of their steel and copper sets look great. Any idea if they're heavy?
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    Modern Drummer Magazine March Issue

    I think MD is on its last legs. I gave up trying to figure out what’s up w my subscription. I received a total of three issues over the last 10 months. MD informed me on multiple occasions that my issue was mailed to my address in Indiana. I live in Massachusetts. Multiple times over the...