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    Bo Swanger Snare

    I've been on the lookout for a copper snare drum for maybe a couple of years and finally pulled the trigger on this one from Bo Swanger who is in the Seattle, WA area. This thing sounds and feels fantastic. To my ears, its like the drum child of a Copperphonic and DW's copper snare. It has...
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    Will a very small port in a bass drum reso help w batter head flutter?

    I like to alternate between playing off the bass drum head and burying the beater. I love the sound of a non ported reso head, but I get flutter on the batter head when burying the beater. My understanding is that it’s due to the air inside the drum coming back against the reso head. If I...
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    Noble and Cooley SS snare w no re rings

    I received this drum today. It’s a older maple SS snare with no re rings. I didn’t know N&C made any without rings. It’s in amazing condition...just needs a little cleaning and probably some lube for the lugs. Anyone know of or have experience with these? I haven’t played it yet, hitting it...
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    What’s in the Noble and Cooley box?!

    It’s an 80’s Noble and Cooley SS maple snare drum from Bob Gatzen’s personal collection. Bob is having some health issues and, with help from Joe Montineri, is parting out his drum collection to help with medical expenses. Here’s a link to the listings on Joe’s site for anyone interested...
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    Is there something going on w Modern Drummer? Subscription Issues

    After taking years off from being an MD subscriber, I subscribed to print and online edition in August. I have yet to receive a print copy without following up w MD monthly. Even after following up, MD only sent me the Nov and Dec issues in one envelope to make up for not receiving anything...
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    Neil Peart’s Slingerland Set Up For Auction I think these were given a way by Neil and Modern Drummer via a contest...
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    Anyone own a Ludwig Pewter plated Copperphonic?

    I reall like what I’ve seen and heard on YouTube. Anyone own one? Anyone compared to the regular copperphonic in person?
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    DW Performance Series Review

    I recently purchased a set of DW Performance Series drums in Black Mirra Lacquer finish and thought I'd share my thoughts. Sizes are 10", 12", 14", 16" and 22". I have an 8" tom on order as well. Fit and finish - The finish is flawless. Black Mirra is a subtle black sparkle with iridescent...
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    George Way Aristocrat Maple/Poplar

    Has anyone here played or does anyone own a GW Aristocrat with maple/poplar shells? If so, what are your thoughts? I owned a Ludwig super classic set with maple/poplar shells and I’ve played Gretsch Brooklyn’s which have maple/poplar shells and loved em both. Yeah, I know there are other...
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    Annoyed by how people treat gear at music stores.

    I stopped by a local GC to poke around in the drum room and was annoyed by what I saw. A nice DW collectors snare had a broken looks like someone intentionally busted the lever. Second, a Tama snare I tapped on was dead sounding so I flipped it over to find drumstick holes poked...
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    Some Gretsch Glitter

    I bought a set of refurbished stop sign badge drums from Steve Maxwells. Drop G toms and SSB kick in Green glass glitter! They look and sound amazing.
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    New Drum Day

    Tomorrow, that is. Bought a Gretsch stop sign badge set from Steve Maxwell’s NYC shop.
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    Ever have a fear of selling your drums?

    I’ve been eying a beautiful set of drums, but in order to buy them I’d have to sell my existing set. (For space and economics). However I dread the prospect of selling my drums. Not so much letting them go, but the hassle that goes with selling gear. By hassle, I mean tire kicking, no shows...
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    DW Cherry/Mahogany

    I've been on the lookout for a snare that's warmer than snares I've previously gravitated toward. Wood shelled DW snares haven't done much for me in terms of sound...the ones I've played and heard have a boxy sound to me. However, I came across a Cherry/Mahogany 6.5X14 this weekend and I really...
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    Question about reinstalling tom lugs

    I have two orphan toms that I'm going to send to Precision Drum co for wrapping to match my existing drums. I'm thinking of marking each lug as I take them off, so that I put each back in its original place after the wrap. Everything fits great now and I want the same when I put it all back...
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    New Classic Variety

    Some may recall that I bought a Gretsch New Classic set in turquoise sparkle wrap some time ago. I've acquired a couple of additional orphan toms to give me more options. I'm going to have them wrapped in a matching turquoise sparkle soon. In the meantime, I thought I'd show them in their...
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    Good deal on 3 pc Gretsch Renown 24", 13" and 16"
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    Gretsch Brooklyn Bell Brass

    Seems like there's a lot of Gretsch Bell Brass on the forums this week. Just got it on Monday, so add me to the new owners list.
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    Lucky Aquarian mishap

    Yesterday, I picked up a 12" clear response 2 at my local GC. I tried the Super 2 before and really liked them, but ended up back to Evans G2 because Aquarianheads are harder to find and the G2s sound great. Anywho, I didn't bother to check inside the box and discovered it was A clear studio...
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    Aquarian Super Kick II meatball modification

    Hey all, Ok, so I really like the Super Kick II, but for me it was just a bit too muted/muffled to be perfect. So, I switched it out for an Emad that I previously removed. I don't know if it's the head material, but the Aquarian bass drum batters just have a nice meaty feel that I don't get...