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  1. Jasta 11

    How to manage a band?

    When my guitar player is in Aruba on vacation, do i send him a ticket to come back and play a gig? The band lets each other know our vacations at the start of the year, you make it sound like you dont consider anyone but yourself. We gig a lot, tonight and tomorrow ( probably while your sitting...
  2. Jasta 11

    How to manage a band?

    Not really sure how that works unless your being funny.
  3. Jasta 11

    Drum head thrift and guilt

    Just replaced my worn snare batter last night. The only reason was that the coating is too smooth now for any brush work. I will say, i keep my old heads and i guess maybe treat them with dignity. I put them in the box from the new head and keep them around as spares ( which I never use) but I...
  4. Jasta 11

    How to manage a band?

    Not a bad idea to get better organized. We always g ver the gigs as they come in and put them in our phone calendars ( which are not shared.) This almost backfired for the first time 2 weeks ago so i can see a need for something better. My band was playing at a gig on a Friday and just before a...
  5. Jasta 11

    Great pics from a festival gig this week

    You and ascunda should start a "show off your Ludwig Standards" thread! Nice kit.
  6. Jasta 11

    Ludwig Standard Kit

    Those were a steal! Nice kit!
  7. Jasta 11

    Ludwig Standard Kit

    Around here the prices for a 5 pc are in the 1200 and up range, 5 years ago they were like 300-500. I think people are starting to realize what they are. Until i played a set, I never even heard of the Standards. Great drums, without a doubt.
  8. Jasta 11

    Ludwig Standard Kit

    100 100%!!
  9. Jasta 11

    Ludwig Standard Kit

    they had cheaper lugs and hardware. the tom mount on the bass drum was like a thin rolled pipe. very cheap. However the sound is killer, i was able to rehearse on a set, same color as the OP, and even with bad heads it was a great sounding kit. In recent years, the value has climbed on these kits.
  10. Jasta 11

    What's your plans with your current DW drums?

    Are DW drums limited in their range? It seems lie a lot of DW owners have multiple snares and kits. I dont really get it. IF I cant get it done with my supraphonc snare, its really me not the drum. I have a Pearl and Ludwig kit. not multiple pearl or multiple Ludwig kits, and i inherited the...
  11. Jasta 11

    Gear red flag.

    Are you guys looking for a drummer, here is what I can do....
  12. Jasta 11

    Red Alert deal for anyone near Connecticut

    Damn if I saw it I would have grabbed it, i live about 35 min from there. wired that someone would take the time to get the brand name correct and have the price be so far off. Usually the deals like that are for Remo Weather king drums or something.
  13. Jasta 11

    Getting closer to gigging!

    you guys play it with a nice rock edge for sure, if you baby that song it will sound weak and most bands do just that. Good luck at the upcoming festival, its about damn time!!!!!
  14. Jasta 11

    Getting closer to gigging!

    Its easy to make that song suck as most bands play it poorly. That and Message in a Bottle by the Police ( please dont play that unless you really are the Police). Great job as always though. I think the key here is you guy really drive the song strongly and keeps it grooving.
  15. Jasta 11

    Hardware Pack recommdations

    The Yamaha 700 for sure if you are gigging a lot the savings on weight is another plus. The cymbal stand all have the hidden boom arm which is always handy too. The pedal is decent, single chain drive, smooth and responsive.
  16. Jasta 11

    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    I reported you to the Mods....
  17. Jasta 11

    Atlas mounts?

    i just recently bought an atlas mount and a short arm to mount my ride cymbal on my bass drum. total game changer, 1 less stand and no issues with stability. My old guitar player had a ludwig kit and bought the atlas arch mount for the tom. That thing is really heavy and actually tipped the bass...
  18. Jasta 11

    Which forums have you stopped visiting/contributing?

    Grunt and Andy were both well liked members and friends to many of us here before they were Mods so they really are "one of us". Its just a friendly acknowledgement to give likes to them and receive from them. There is zero to gain in any of this.
  19. Jasta 11

    jammin sam drum wrap?

    Nice finish.
  20. Jasta 11

    Drum angle

    I still have yet to see a band play where the drummer has his bass facing to the side. Always straight on from the stage.