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  1. Jasta 11

    Accumulating extra parts along the way.

    I have a small size bag i carry my pedal, stick bag and small towel in. Its a two handled bag which they fit nicely in. I was going through it to check on some sticks and the pedal was having trouble going back in smoothly and realized I was carrying around a bunch of extra stuff for no reason...
  2. Jasta 11

    I was embarrassed to share this but has anyone else had a night like this behind the kit?

    So a couple of weeks ago I had a really strange night of mistakes behind the kit that had nothing to do with my play ( which in itself is a big mistake). I got to the gig earlier than usual and had my kit set up before the rest of the band arrived. I actually thought I was there on the wrong day...
  3. Jasta 11

    Singing allowed again!!!!

    Last night a few hours before our gig we were notified by the venue that we could have vocals. All of our gigs have been instrumental due to Covid restrictions ( however a trumpet player blowing spit at the front row was always somehow still an acceptable situation but whatever). Anyway, I think...
  4. Jasta 11

    Did you ever ignore one of your kits only to ask "what was I thinking"?

    So for the last year and a half I have been gigging my Pearl kit that i cut down to shallow concert toms which can nest and 22"bass. I love the sound. Before that i was using my Ludwig Jazzette 18" bass drum along with a snare and occasionally 12 and 15 inch mounted and floor toms. No issues...
  5. Jasta 11

    Just booked 2 gigs for January!

    Let's hope this is the start of getting back to normal in 2021, my band just booked the 2nd and the 16th next month. I hope it picks up and we can start playing weekly again soon.
  6. Jasta 11

    How do you guys search craigslist?

    When searching for drums I find it a pain in the neck to input every different title i can think of in the search bar. If i put "Drum Kit" , people who list there kit as "Drums", dont show up in my search. I find myself search separately for Drum set, Drumset, Drums, Drum, drum kit etc to find...
  7. Jasta 11

    Can't take the pain anymore, just ordered a spinal glide throne.

    My tailbone has never been the same since crashing during a motorcycle race years ago. ( i personally don't recommend getting of a bike at around 155 MPH btw.) Prior to the covid shutdown i was suffering a lot to the point I hated taking breaks at gigs because I couldn't get up from my throne...
  8. Jasta 11

    Floor tom sounds choked, do any of those leg attachments work?

    I sometimes get a very choked sound from my floor tom. I was going to buy Booty Shaker or better yet the Pearl Air suspension feet. Do these things really work? I have a New evans G2 on it and at certain venues it sounds great, at others it sounds completely choked?
  9. Jasta 11

    First gig back since the COVID shutdown and then......

    Outdoor large patio gig: After lot of our regulars showed up tonight and started swing dancing and having a blast our singer was given an announcement to read by the manager. The usual stuff about keep distance, Don't add chairs to the tables, masks are required everywhere inside the venue and...
  10. Jasta 11

    it's not just the gigs I've been missing.....

    I really miss ice cold draft bear damnit!!!!!!
  11. Jasta 11

    I'm out of gift ideas for myself

    Every year my family asks for gift suggestions that are drum related for combined my December Birthday and Christmas gift. Any suggestions for things I don't already have? I'm very fortunate that they got me a new pedal last year, new lightweight hardware the previous year and a new throne the...
  12. Jasta 11

    Low class attitude from a wedding band.

    Just a rant mainly but yesterday we played a wedding where we were one of two band scheduled. Its the first time i've seen where there were 2 but whatever. So we did the ceremony( acoustic songs as they walked the isle and then the cocktail hour and MC's the introductions 3 hours total.. The...
  13. Jasta 11

    How crowded are you set up areas?

    A recent pic on here of a virgin bass drum with a tom on a stand got me thinking about the footprint our kits take up. Being practical vs playing a kit only set up the way you want to just lacks versatility. We don't all play a 20 x 40 foot stage on top of a riser so floor space is tough to come...