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  1. EhhSoCheap

    I love the Sabian SR2 concept. What's been your experience?

    DCP had some great sounding thin rides. Not sure when/if they’ll get some more, but if they do, I will strongly consider one. The prices are great.
  2. EhhSoCheap

    Zildjian sweet ride differences?

    I have referenced zenstat's Zildjian line matrix many, many times since coming across it. Evidently, Zildjian only updated the logo for the 21" Sweet Ride, despite overhauling the design for many the A's.
  3. EhhSoCheap

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    I think this discussion is wandering a bit, and I realize I’ve contributed. I don’t think this is an issue of practice. Rudimental training/conditioning as you put it is not specific to using a pad, to get at OP’s teaching issue.
  4. EhhSoCheap

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    Bo has convinced me. Keeping with the sports metaphors, pad practice is to drumset playing as working out/running is to playing the sport. There is obvious transferability from one to the other, though both can be practiced on their own as discrete activities.
  5. EhhSoCheap

    Parent asked me not to teach practice pad.

    How old is the kid? I don’t teach, but in my experience offering services, I would think a phone call to the parent or a thoughtful email response to get to the bottom of their specific request and set your teaching expectations is the best thing to do. I wouldn’t want to be wasting anyone’s...
  6. EhhSoCheap

    Amazing techniques !!!

    Yea I think these are symptoms of the hobbyist musician. I’d have to think about a huge lifestyle change if I wanted to play more with others. Meanwhile I’ll just keep posting here about my McFlurries.
  7. EhhSoCheap

    Starclassic Walnut/Birch micro kit with 16" kick

    Ever since Bo referred to them as “toy” sizes, kits like these do seem a bit silly, especially with +$1000 price tags. 16” floor toms are common; the Dunnett conversion setup is about $100 if any one is ever curious what a small BD sounds like...
  8. EhhSoCheap

    Drum Corps and Moller Technique

    Someone mentioned this in the other thread. I wonder if there are primary sources that explain how military drummers were recruited and implemented, because all I found in a quick google search was regurgitated and didn't seem vetted in any way. But evidently, adults were recruited as military...
  9. EhhSoCheap

    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    I saw a quote on Instagram from Dave Elitch and it made me think of you: "It's amazing how much we can get done simply by trying. Whether it's writing or golf or sales, when we show up and do our best, we can make things happen. But then, our internal horsepower becomes insufficient. As we...
  10. EhhSoCheap

    Thin and medium cymbals best for rock?

    It would probably deserve its own thread, but the “choose with your ears”/“play what you like” sentiment is deceptively complex. To someone with little to no experience, it seems totally unreasonable to open them up all brands and types of gear with a “just pick what sounds good to you!” And for...
  11. EhhSoCheap

    Moeller technique do you really need to master it?

    I’m impressed, if somewhat skeptical, that some have independently stumbled upon moeller in their playing. “Natural” is a great word for it, but there seems to be something about moeller that requires some deliberate practice. Could just be me not having great hands, though...
  12. EhhSoCheap

    Thin and medium cymbals best for rock?

    As you can see, it’s quite uncouth to suggest that what is true for one, or many drummers, is also true for drummers on this forum.
  13. EhhSoCheap

    Discoveries of the day - New heavier sticks

    Man, I’m sorry to have contributed to your bad week... Once I get my life together, I plan on studying with a player who can give me feedback on my technique. Although YouTube has been helpful, I feel like it’s a few steps forward, a few steps back with self-teaching trad grip. In the...
  14. EhhSoCheap

    Discoveries of the day - New heavier sticks

    Trad grip is great; I always enjoy seeing forum members who use it. I’ve found the alternating strokes exercise from your video to be helpful for counting and for my ear on top of building up proficiency in the weaker hand. As a funny aside, one of my drum teachers from high school drilled into...
  15. EhhSoCheap

    Help with old(er) cymbal? You must have seen this link already. Tell us what you think it might be. How much does it weigh? I’ve got a 22” from the same era, around 2700g. They might be the best value in cymbals these days, though the weights can be all over the place.
  16. EhhSoCheap

    What Artist did you worship, but no longer listen too?

    I remember buying and enjoying his biography, A Thunder of Drums, when it came out around 2001 or so. Last year, I came across my copy in my a pile of junk and decided to reread it and was actually a bit disappointed at the anecdotes about his attitude and behavior.
  17. EhhSoCheap

    Any advice for bop kit

    Gretsch Catalina vs Gretsch USA Custom
  18. EhhSoCheap

    Any advice for bop kit

    My advice would be to set a budget and decide if you want to have a snare in the shell pack. For instance, Tama Superstar Classics and Sonor AQ2 bop kits come with matching snares, but you could get a maple PDP bop kits without for a really great price. Similarly, you could order a Renown...
  19. EhhSoCheap

    Dominant side (way) slower than non-dominant with singles

    Have you tried anything to improve your right side?