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  1. EhhSoCheap

    22” A Avedis Dark Ride

    New offering from Zildjian, I think. It’s supposed to be modeled after the 40s-50s trans stamp. Thoughts?
  2. EhhSoCheap

    TAMA Restoration Video

    Restoring an Imperialstar I really enjoy this kind of content. He makes the job look like a lot of fun!
  3. EhhSoCheap

    Meinl Drumsticks

    Has anybody played Meinl's sticks? I picked up a pair of the Big Apple Bops which I'm enjoying. They have a great look and feel, and seem pretty durable. Meinl's approach is to have an intentionally limited selection of sticks, with varying weights of hickory for each model, which I find...
  4. EhhSoCheap

    How do you choose cymbals?

    This topic may seem repetitive; I found a few threads that asked variations of this question. I'm not looking for a recommendation, but more curious about everyone's process of selecting a cymbal. Do you get a gut feeling when you hear one you're tapping on? Does something else indescribable...
  5. EhhSoCheap

    Memphis Made

    This will probably be your standard introduction: Coming off a ten-or-so year hiatus Getting back to basics Somehow enjoying music now more than ever I've lived in Memphis, TN for the better part of a decade, and have latched onto my wife's love of the blues and soul indigenous to the city...