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  1. arpic75

    self explanatory

  2. arpic75

    rack tom size

    If that is a basic 5"- 5.5" deep snare, then yes, that is most certainly at least a 10" deep tom more likely 11".
  3. arpic75

    Nice to meet y'all

    I may be asked to depart. Wording matters and when one writes a set of rules using vague and ambiguous terminology there will be arguments made regarding said vague wording when it's used to issue a warning.
  4. arpic75

    Nice to meet y'all

    Seems I've shit in some people's Wheaties with what I write so it's most likely I'll be leaving here in the not too distant future. I just wanted to say it was nice to meet some of you and I did garner some good information in my short time here. Thanks for being you!
  5. arpic75

    What happens to me after watching Buddy lol

    Thanks for the vote of confidence man! I am the greatest "scaring the cats into hiding for hours" drummer you'll ever know.
  6. arpic75

    What’s the first song you learned to play?

    Bulls on Parade - RATM
  7. arpic75

    Music City Ontario

    now I know where to go for the cure.
  8. arpic75

    Regarding tom holder.

    <removed for being a joke> <joke content is a violation of forum rules>
  9. arpic75

    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    It's GWAR, there's really no other apt way to describe the experience. RAWG was fun too, it was them in their street clothes.
  10. arpic75

    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    Performance artists first, musicians a close second. I was always amazed at how well they played wearing all that stuff, especially Jizmac and Balsac.
  11. arpic75

    Round vs. Saddle throne?

    Round OCDP throne. Cushy is preferred, I have a bony ass.
  12. arpic75

    The Beatles / Ringo / Get Back

    As Rufus, the 13th Apostle in Dogma, Chris Rock said it best " When mankind took an idea and turned it into a belief system, that's where things all went wrong"
  13. arpic75

    What are the first 3 memorable rock concerts you attended?

    Every year on Halloween they played Hammerjacks in Baltimore until it got demolished to make room for a parking lot for the Raven's stadium. Best. Shows. Ever. RIP Oderus!
  14. arpic75

    need a Van Halen tune for the gig this weekend...

    What no Hot for Teacher? geez.
  15. arpic75

    Back after a few years away

    I'm trapped!!!
  16. arpic75

    Back after a few years away

    You have many leather bound books and your home smells of rich mahogany?
  17. arpic75

    Regarding tom holder.

    If you're the handy type...
  18. arpic75

    Regarding tom holder.
  19. arpic75

    The Beatles / Ringo / Get Back

    Boy do I want those years back. Latin did me zero good until I took Taxonomy, and even then it simply helped pronunciation. I do still have a copy of "Cattus Pesastus"
  20. arpic75

    Question relating throne backrest to bass drum technique

    Backrest, no backrest, just don't be slouching Buddy Rich and develop crazy back problems. ^ like he said