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  1. arpic75

    self explanatory

  2. arpic75

    Nice to meet y'all

    Seems I've shit in some people's Wheaties with what I write so it's most likely I'll be leaving here in the not too distant future. I just wanted to say it was nice to meet some of you and I did garner some good information in my short time here. Thanks for being you!
  3. arpic75


    Sweetwater is running two giveaways currently: One is a birdseye maple performance series exotic snare from DW (enter through their YT channel) The other is winning you wishlist on their site (up to $5k), just subscribe to the site. Random crap, I just hope one of the forum members wins!
  4. arpic75

    Preferred retailer?

    Who's your preferred retailer (online or brick & mortar) and why? I've come to like Musician's Friend as their customer service is top notch, but Sweetwater seems to have a lot more to choose from when it comes to drums and the ilk. Funny thing, the same company underwrites both site's credit...